30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks, how did that happen? time is flying by.                                                                               

I celebrated 30 weeks on holiday in Devon, I was planning on a cream tea, however my morning sickness has decided to rear it’s ugly head again! Morning sickness or should I say all day/night nausea/sickness. I had it so bad at the start and then it gradually went away, with only the odd day of suffering here and there. The last couple of weeks it has been back with a vengeance. I didn’t know you could get it this late on.                                                                
This girl carrying malarkey is not as easy as the boys were!

I’ve been getting lots of bump comments which range from, ‘ooh not long to go’ grrrrr! To my favourite, ‘your bump is so lovely and neat’ I could hug and kiss these kind strangers that decide to pay me nice complements, especially when I’m having a ‘feel like a whale day’. The strangers that feel that need to comment on the enormousness however I can do without. Yes I have a big stomach there is a baby in there!

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