33 weeks

Wow this week has been dramatic. Spending two nights in hospital was not in my plans. 

I started having period like cramps Thursday lunchtime and braxton hicks. They became more regular and were coming every 5-6 minutes. I had the midwife in the afternoon so I had a warm bath, but nothing helped. When I saw the midwife she could feel them when listening to baby and said I would need to ring the day assessment unit if they carried on. My bump measurement was also static so I’ve got to go back in a week to check it. 
I get home and they carry on, so once the boys are having their dinner I decide I should ring. They want to see me and I’m told to get there as soon as I can. My mum takes me in and I’m put on monitors that measure the babies heart beat, my sats and also measure any tightenings/contractions. I could see the numbers going up on the screen roughly every 4-5 minutes. The midwife confirmed that yes I was having contractions and they would need to examine me. 

After an uncomfortable couple of minutes the doctor has some swabs for the fibronectin test. It gives a positive or a negative result of the chances of you going into labour in the next two weeks. The good news is that everything looks closed and there are no signs of any leaking waters. 
For some reason both of the swabs that they put in the machine come back inconclusive. (I was later told this meant they had to treat it as a positive) 
As I was still contracting I had to be admitted. I had nothing with me and by now I was slightly panicking as I don’t have the hospital bags packed, the crib or any of her clothes washed and ready!! 

Friday is pretty much the same, I’m still contracting and for a few hours it goes to every 4 minutes. I’m not too worried as having been in labour before I know that they aren’t painful enough. However this was how both my labours started so I am worried that it could be the start. I’m in again Friday night and see the registrar Saturday morning who says I am to stay in until they stop as they are still showing up on the machine! I’m getting prepared for another day in hospital when the consultant comes to see me. I’m given the option to go home, on strict instructions to rest and to go straight back in if anything changes. I’m told that if I don’t take it easy I could end up in for the rest of my pregnancy! 
So I’m home now and trying to rest, which is easier said than done with two little monkeys. I’ve got uniforms to get ready for back to school, shoes to buy and lunch boxes to get as well as everything to label. I’m meant to be going back to work for two weeks (I’m a primary teacher) so I need to contact them and let them know that won’t be happening. 
Ive got a list of everything I need to get ready for baby. First thing is pack the hospital bag!! Both my monkeys were late so I’m totally unprepared for the possibility that she could come early. 
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4 responses to “33 weeks”

  1. Susan Mann says:

    Sorry to hear you are going through so much. Try to take it easy and fingers crossed it’s not too early. Hugs x

  2. Wow what a week for you! Definitely get that bag packed! Best of luck!! Xx #mmwbh

  3. Molly Forbes says:

    Oh blimey how scary. I’m so glad everything was OK – and do what the doctor said, rest up when you can! I had a little scare at 23 weeks and was told to try to take it a bit easier but I know how hard that is when you’ve got other children to look after too. Enlist help where possible! x

  4. Oh bless you! Your certainly going through the hoops for this little lady eh! At least you have Drs on hand aware of the goings on and you seem to be ready if anything decides to go the full hog! Rest up missus! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH xx


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