Skin Rejuvenation And Resurfacing: The Ins And Outs

A beautiful skin doesn’t happen by itself. Spots, dullness and flaws are unavoidable obstacles in the quest for dermal perfection. But that doesn’t mean a clean, fresh, rejuvenated skin is off the cards for you – all you need to know is how to approach it.

Clinical Skin Rejuvenation Happens in Many Ways

There are several ways to revive and refresh your skin. It could be as simple as washing up with a quick scrub at home, or as complicated as having an operation to remove stretched and tired skin. The method you choose will be dictated by your own requirements. Skin resurfacing, achieved by removing dead cells and other materials that impede a clear complexion, is one of the most common solutions for people looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin.

The Classic Approach to Clinical Skin Resurfacing

Many methods of clinical skin resurfacing have been tried and trusted for several years, and as such, can be considered classical methods. It is no secret that laser peels are an excellent way to get rid of any imperfections. Thousands of laser treatments take place in clinics across the world, and laser is just one of many treatments, including peels and abrasion treatments, that have stood the test of time.

Into The Future: New Developments

While a lack of sleep wreaks havoc on the complexion, technology doesn’t sleep, and luckily, that’s a good thing! New innovations and improvements are constantly being developed in the constant quest for modernization to skin rejuvenation techniques, and the actual procedures are becoming faster, more tolerable, and easier. Concerns about side effects are also becoming a thing of the past, with new developments in skin treatment, like the JetPeel device.

Instant vs Long-term Results

Just because many skin treatments fit into an hour at a clinic, doesn’t mean the results are necessarily short-lived. Surprisingly, the results of many treatments last longer than was once thought. This is because many treatments work far deeper than on superficial skin level. In the production of collagen, for example, it takes the body weeks of cellular response to reach optimal skin-improving levels after a treatment.

Skincare on More Than One Level

While many skin-resurfacing treatments are designed to deep clean by stripping impurities once, many
others tackle skincare on a dual-level. JetPeel, along with different types of peels like chemical or laser, all aid in delivering certain serums, containing customized skin-enhancing nutrients, directly to the cells.

Which Type of Skin Resurfacing to Choose?

Making the jump into any form of skin resurfacing treatment is a decision that comes down to the individual. While there is no “right” time to start treatments, it is advisable to start skin resurfacing before your skin-related issues become extreme. Leaving problems untreated for too long could lead to irreversible damage and steer you down a road to surgery as the only outcome. When it comes to skin, prevention is better than cure, and skin problems are best prevented before they start.

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