3 Ways to Mass Recruit for Your Business From Home

Embarking on a recruitment drive for your business when working from home can be a tricky process, but can also provide excellent opportunities for scouting the best talent for your company.

If you have a need for recruiting en masse, you can rely on these 3 steps to recruitment success while establishing a work/life balance.

recruit for your business from home

Hire Specialist Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment can be a time-consuming practice, so if you can, it would be wise to recruit some consultants who can oversee the process in its entirety.

Recruitment consultants should have skills including excellent organisational ability, people skills, and an ability to cope well in a crisis.

This will free up more time for you to attend to day-to-day business needs from home and will give the recruitment process the dedicated attention it needs to be successful and fruitful.

You can take a look at websites like the National Careers Service to see what it takes to become a recruitment consultant.

Use Recruitment Software

Recruitment software is fantastic for helping you to streamline your recruitment process by automating the administrative tasks that are ordinarily unavoidable in recruitment.

Software like Oleeo can help you find the best applicants for your roles by focusing on finding the qualities in candidates that reflect the values and needs of your company.

Whether you need software to keep track of your applicant data through Applicant Tracking Systems or want to focus on building relationships with candidates through Candidate Relationship Management software, all Oleeo software is customisable according to the objectives and values of your company.

Additionally, Oleeo is integrated with software that detects the use of gender-biased language, helping you to attract a diverse selection of applicants with minimal effort.

Advertise Vacancies Extensively

Advertising vacancies is a very reliable way to ensure that you can receive a diverse variety of applications, and therefore increase your chances of finding the very best fit for the role.

To do this, you could look into advertising on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and forums, and ensure your posts are eye-catching, informative and contain up-to-date information about the position.

This method is also great for expanding your candidate sourcing. If your business is based around a particular skill set or knowledge of a particular subject, you could also advertise vacancies in select Facebook groups that are based around a niche interest.

For example, if your business deals with books, advertising vacancies in a Book Lovers’ Facebook group will automatically attract a high number of applicants with significant book knowledge.

You may also want to ensure that your job posts have links to a portal for application, or easy instructions for application. In 2018, Forbes covered the importance of making job applications as inclusive as possible, and the problems faced by disabled applicants during the recruitment process

How have you recruited for your business? Share your tips in the comments below!


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