How AI can help small businesses

AI (artificial intelligence) enables the automation of a growing number of business processes and industrial applications. Artificial Intelligence has been helping big companies for years. However, it’s only recently that AI has become more available to small businesses. The benefits for small businesses are similar to those of big companies and well worth investigating—let’s take a look:

These are some of the ways you can incorporate AI solutions in your business and the benefits.

AI – 3d Vision and Automation

In Automation, it is common to work with several robotic technologies simultaneously, to get work done faster with fewer errors. Using Machine Vision (MV) technology from Multipix in combination with robots enables better coping with differences in the environment and improves safety overall.

AI – Robotic Systems

Combined with powerful 3D machine vision, AI enables robots to recognize, localise, and handle any type of object and thus automate tasks that would be too dangerous, monotonous, or otherwise demanding for humans. For example; industrial vision systems can be used for quality control, sorting, inspecting and guidance. 

AI – Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras can continuously monitor to identify problems before failures occur, preventing costly production interruptions. Typical examples of equipment monitored include power generation turbines, compressors, high and low-voltage electrical equipment and many other critical machines. This also applies to production lines and quality-checking products.

Built-in processing capability in ‘smart’ thermal cameras gives functions such as spot and area measurements, as well as the ability to calculate difference temperatures. Alarms can be set as triggers or automatically send analysis results/IR images via email creating safety and reassurance.

Improve customer service

AI solutions can help you to improve your customer service in a number of different ways. From analysing customer views and opinions to categorising and organising support requests. 

Having insights into customer behaviour, views and opinions are key for improving your support and product—often before customers themselves request it. 

Simplify operations

AI can help you to improve your efficiency and productivity when it comes to business operations. Imagine being able to categorize incoming emails based on their content, or identifying promising leads straight away.

AI can help with both simple and complex issues and can help you and your team free up a lot of time for other important tasks.

Have you used AI in your business? 


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