Eco Gift Ideas For Christmas

Are you looking for gifts to give this year with less plastic, that are cruelty-free, vegan or from ethical companies that give back? Then grab a drink and have a look through this post with a whole range of eco gift ideas.


Give the gift of healthy, glowing skin this year, with a choice of organic skincare Christmas gifts from Evolve. There’s an organic beauty gift set available for every skin type, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect present for everyone on your list. Evolve Beauty products are lovingly handmade in small batches at their studio in Hertfordshire, England to ensure the freshness of the precious antioxidants in the natural oils, butters and extracts. All of Evolve’s products are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

One of the gift sets available is The Super Treats allowing you to indulge in some self-love and find your glow with their award-winning face mask gift set. Three targeted face masks are designed to exfoliate, rejuvenate and nourish. Go for fruity exfoliation with our Miracle AHA 3 Minute Mask, a golden glow with our Bio-Retinol Gold Mask or clarify with our True Balance SOS Mask. 

 Wild Beauty is an organic and wild foraged skincare collection for the Rhug Estate in North Wales. Lord & Lady Newborough have championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming at Rhug for many years and now are applying the same principles to their new range of face and body products. The products contain actives with proven skincare benefits whilst also reflecting the values of ‘slow beauty’.

Rhug Estate’s Head Rofager, Richard Prideaux, and his team wild forage for ingredients on the estate, waiting for particular flowers to flower and mature.  You can try out the range with the gorgeous hand wash and hand lotion duo.

Aviela skincare was created by Patricia after a family holiday to Ghana changed two lives. Aviela is a range of all-natural skincare products, each containing high concentrations of 100% pure, highest grade, unrefined Shea Butter with natural anti-inflammatory properties and outstanding power to help naturally heal Dry skin.

Aviela has a gorgeous multi purpose,100% Pure Shea Butter that:

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s new Naturals range a vegan, environmentally friendly collection is based on wellbeing and ‘island time’ and includes three expressions – Calm, Mindful and Awaken. It’s sustainable with 100% recyclable packaging – aluminium bottles, recycled bottle tops and cardboard packaging – and the focus is on functional fragrance, meaning they do exactly what they say on the tin.

Give the gift of mindfulness with Mindful Expression

Lemon, patchouli and geranium all work as one to support your emotional balance. Transporting you to a place of serenity, the zingy lemon essence will help create a positive mindset, eliminate negative emotions and aid with concentration. The geranium brings a grounded scent which is known for balancing moods and patchouli will help reduce tensions. 

Add a generous handful of Mindful Bath Salts to your bath while the hot water is running. Soak for at least 20 minutes to allow the mineral formulation to soothe your muscles while the functional fragrance washes over you to centre your mind.  

Foodie And Drink Gifts

For coffee lovers we have Jabulani. The Jabulani beans are grown in the Gakenke District of Rwanda.This organic single origin coffee is produced by the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative: a group of 204 members, of which 169 are female, who grow their coffee at unusually high levels (2,000m above sea level) so the beans are slowly ripened and full of flavour. 

Coffee from Rwanda is mainly produced by smallholders who own land, usually less than one hectare per family. Using regenerative and organic farming methods to sustainable standards, the community takes meticulous care to ensure the annual harvest makes speciality grading, which puts Jabulani Coffee in the top 10% of quality coffee in the world.

The coffee offers a juicy, black tea finish with sweet notes of cherry, hibiscus and vanilla. It’s recommended for both filter and espresso.

Owens Coffee and Jabo have a direct relationship with the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative. Sales of the beans support an initiative which connects ambassadors from the UK and Rwanda to exchange knowledge, nurture leadership and encourage positive global change.

Currently roasted and distributed by Owens Coffee, Jabulani Coffee is available to buy from the online shop ( or The Roastery shop in Ivybridge (200g for £7.76 and 1kg for £27.00).

Since 2010, Owens Coffee has supported the aims of the Fairtrade Foundation and is proud that 100% of its coffee range is certified Fairtrade and organic.  

The game-changing Coastal Gin in a planet-friendly 100% recyclable paper bottle is the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious gin lover sold exclusively at Naked Wines for £26.99.

Inspired by the Norfolk coastline, Gyre & Gimble Coastal Gin has been distilled using locally foraged samphire, dulse seaweed and lavender. 

The packaging is
– 100% recyclable at home
– made out of 94% recycled paper
– five times lighter than a normal glass bottle*
– manufactured only 40 miles away from both Norfolk-based businesses
– carbon footprint is about six times smaller than a traditional glass bottle

The perfect serve is;  London dry tonic + Fresh grapefruit + A few sprigs of samphire

“We use lots of rock samphire and dulse seaweed – it’s a really nice, kind of red, slightly smoky seaweed – and then lavender, bay leafs, lots of citrus and then some pepper and spice as well. So it’s kind of savoury, herbal, floral, and spicy. We add a little bit of salt after the distillation which brings out all the other botanicals more.”
Rory Smith, Distiller at Gyre & Gimble

Ellers Farm are a carbon-neutral, sustainable distillery. As well as their Dutch Barn Vodka they also offer sustainable Seasonal favourites, forgotten classics or simply the liquid genius of our Master Distiller. Produced in small batches of only 500 bottles, each individually numbered and always flavour full of North Yorkshire character.

Try their Cherry Liquor, Espresso Vodka, Y-Gin, or Elderberry Elderflower Liquor.

“Like my garden — full of herbaceous delight. The heady floral aroma of elderflowers with flavours of lychee, honey, and green apples is like a liquid spring poem. This liqueur perfectly balances the rich honey sweetness of elderflowers with the earthy tartness of elderberries — a perfect balance, just like me.” — Flora.

Ellers farm distillery also offers tours which would make an amazing gift. They are one of only a handful of UK distillers that makes their Vodka from scratch. Carbon neutral from day one they uniquely make their vodka from British apples. 

 For crisp lovers, you can add some crunch to Christmas with Two Famers the UK’s first plastic-free crisp brand. Their delicious range of hand-cooked crisps comes in six flavours in 100% plastic-free AND compostable packaging – 40g and 150g.

They also offer a 500g sharing tins £15, and NEW for 2022 a 100g gift tin. Perfect for the party season, as a foodies gift or a great addition to a seasonal hamper. Choose from 6 delicious flavours of crisps made from potatoes grown in Herefordshire and produced using renewable energy – all ingredients are locally sourced, keeping food miles low.

The tin is also recyclable, and as part of their pledge to support sustainable living, Two Farmers encourages consumers to find a new use for the handy tin within the home, such as storing mince pies, Christmas leftovers or even baubles once Christmas is over.

The Salvatore Tamburello 306N Organic Unfiltered Nero d’Avola 2018  £22.80 from Independent wines, is an organic wine from a family-owned winery of Salvatore Tamburello, in Scicily. Salvatore’s vineyard deserves a special mention. It’s planted an hour away from Palermo, near Poggioreale – a ghost town that was wiped out by a devastating earthquake in 1968. 
Organic, unfiltered, not clarified, and not stabilised, this Nero d’Avola natural wine is pure and powerful, with flavours of kirsch and Cuban cigar. In the mouth, it’s full of bursting flavours of kirsch and stewed strawberry. But if you leave it in a glass for fifteen to twenty minutes and smell it, the wine will come back with a mesmerising scent of dark chocolate. Normally, winemakers filter the wine before bottling and add organic or chemical “clarification agents” to remove little particles left over from fermentation. It is a safe process used in the vast majority of wineries, though it of course affects the taste.
Salvatore Tamburello decided to make a pure Sicilian wine that tastes like it used to generations ago, before modern chemistry took over. His winery is organic certified, but the “306N” takes its journey to natural purity one step further. Grapes are grown organically – without any chemicals – on twenty-year-old vines, and harvested by hand in the second half of September. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks. It is aged for twenty months, again in stainless steel tanks, to preserve the varietal aromas and flavours of the Nero d’Avola grape.

Hawksbill, a Caribbean Spiced Rum, is on a sustainability and conservation mission. With every bottle sold Hawksbill donates 10% of the profits to helping its namesake through the Barbados Sea Turtle Project. You can read more about their conservation work here.

Hawksbill also comes in Mango and Pineapple flavours, which helps to stamp out food waste as they are made from wobbly fruit, that would have otherwise gone to waste.

This would make a lovely gift, especially for someone who loves animals and the environment.

Hawksbill, RRP £23.

Mindfulness Gifts

A yoga mat would make a wonderful gift and you can’t beat a Yoga mat from the world’s top-rated yoga brand Liforme. The first UK yoga brand to be awarded B Corp status, proving high standards of social and environmental impact are at the centre of their business. 
All Liforme mats feature the brand’s patented Alignment design to guide your solo practice, have Liforme’s unique GripForMe technology, using high quality, non-toxic and planet-friendly materials, which maintain their grip even when ‘sweaty- wet. 
You can choose from Lifeforme’s travel mats, personalised mats, men’s mats, children’s mats and many more in a whole range of beautiful colours.

Volcanic Potpourri – Essential Oil Diffuserfrom £39

Scent your room naturally with a Potpourri of beautiful black volcanic rocks. These hand-finished Lava and Obsidian stones are encased in a matt black glass jar, with an optional fiery red Agate stone lid. Includes a 10ml bottle of essential oil blends including “Winter”, “Forest” & “Unwind”

  • Add 6-10 drops of essential oil to the natural Lava & Obsidian rocks
  • The porous Lava soaks up the oil, and slowly releases a lovely aroma into your room
  • Elegant, long-lasting and reusable, no part of this essential oil diffuser gets thrown away
  • Essential oils can help you to relax, or invigorate when you need a lift
  • Crystal healers use Lava & Obsidian stones to provide themselves with strength & positivity

Blue Lapis & Hamsa Diffuser Bracelet, £32

The perfect personal diffuser. This handmade bracelet is made from natural Lava & Lapis Lazuli stones, simply dab essential oil (provided) onto the Lava stones for a little calm.

  • Diffuser bracelet handmade from natural Lava & Lapis Lazuli stone
  • 14 Karat gold plated hamsa charm is a symbol of protection
  • 14k gold filled accent beads
  • Includes a 2ml bottle of pure essential oil blend, with application wand
  • Simply dab essential oil onto the Lava stones to relax
  • A great ‘worry bead’ gift
  • Gift boxed

Stocking Fillers

Everyone needs a book as a gift. Einstein The Penguin is a charming new series where an unforgettable new friend comes to stay.  (For ages 7+). 

When the Stewarts spend a sunny, frosty December day at London Zoo, they’re enchanted by one small penguin. At the delight of young Imogen and Arthur, Mrs Stewart insists the penguin “must come and stay with them whenever he likes.”
But not one Stewart expects the penguin to turn up at their door that evening, rucksack labelled “Einstein” on his back…

The family’s new feathered friend helps Arthur to come out of his shell and makes massive demands on Imogen’s amateur sleuthing. But together they must find out why Einstein came to them and they must keep away from the mysterious white-coat man.
And Einstein can’t stay forever, can he…? 

From stunning new writing talent Iona Rangeley, and illustrated with wit and brio by the award-winning David Tazzyman, these books will be treasured for years to come.

A personalised water bottle is a fab gift idea. The original Skittle bottle from the eponymous British design company, Lund London and available from Engravers Guild, comes in different colours and designs.

This personalised water bottle features a pink colour, with a cutesy cat on top. Made from high-grade stainless steel, the Skittle range combines functionality with contemporary design to create fresh and unique products for everyday living. They’re the perfect portable hygiene accessory for both hot and cold drinks and are reusable for a greener world. It fits standard ice cubes and keeps contents cold for 24 hours, whilst also keeping warm contents hot for 12 hours.

The Lund personalised water bottle is BPA, PVC and phthalates free. 

Gardening enthusiasts don’t want satsumas and socks in their stocking every Christmas! This year, treat them to a gift from Fiskars, guaranteed to last season after season and that won’t cost the earth. Here are our top picks for under £10.

Solid™ Herb Snip 

Even the most precise tasks are finished in no time with the Fiskars Solid Herb Snip. The stainless-steel blades stay sharp and cut cleanly, whilst the pointed blade provides added control in small snipping spaces. Enjoy easily snipping herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables to eat or admire.

MyFirstFiskars Trowel and Cultivator Set 

Kids will love digging, planting, and playing in the dirt with Fiskars MyFirstFiskars Trowel & Cultivator set. It includes two high-quality tools designed to fit small hands and big imaginations. Let their outdoor adventures begin!

Comme des Jumelles is a new, vegan,  natural, skincare brand which celebrates the beauty, unconditional love and connection felt between mothers and their daughters and which is:

 – Formulated with the gentlest of ingredients & packed full of vitamins and antioxidants                                                                                – Specifically designed to be used by both mothers and daughters together                                                                                                      – Created to nurture this close bond and have fun together                                                                                                                                    – Encouraging the formation of a good skincare routine from a young age.

The first launch is their ‘Little Kiss’ stocking filler containing 2 mini sizes of their hero Comme un Caresse and Magic Gelee products £9.99. 

FOAMIE is on a mission to “Think Outside the Bottle” and re-invent the way you think about your bathroom routine, with planet-friendly solutions that function as you would expect, smell incredible, and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair.

The current range, which is made in the UK, is made up of haircare, body care and facecare, from shampoo bars through to shower body bars. Each product has had its ingredients carefully selected to suit your specific needs – whether it’s hibiscus in our shampoo bars for damaged hair, nourishing papaya and oat milk in our body bars, or charcoal in our face bars to help reduce breakouts. Each product is cold pressed to preserve the ingredients and fabulous scent. Each product saves at least 2 plastic bottles per bar

Foamie is offering its bestsellers all wrapped up in one exclusive Christmas Set. With the popular 2:1 Papaya & Oat Milk Body Barstimulates your skin in the shower with the massaging indentation. Added oat milk to gently clean and soothe the skin, while the papaya moisturises. Get ready for the creamiest shower of your life.  😉 Plus with Foamie’s essential Travel Buddy to store your new 2:1 Body Bar and prevent it from getting stuck in the shower. Also includes one free Soap Bag.  

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