Sustainable Christmas Gifts For The Whole Family

Are you looking for gifts to give this year with less plastic, that are cruelty-free, vegan or from ethical companies that give back? Then grab a drink and have a look through this post with a whole range of eco gift ideas.

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Beauty Gifts

For those who love luxury skincare try Pietro Simone new collection FIERCE. The answer to any disclosures of the skin-from the psychological, to emotional and everyday. It addresses not only the health & wellbeing of the skin, but is able to achieve it- through natural ingredients, and advanced technology. Like his two existing lines Prestige & Essential Collection, FIERCE also contains Simone’s exclusive Italian Bella ComplexTM- Pietro Simone’s signature compound which supports skin’s regeneration process- creating the perfect unison where purity meets performance in a formula.

Embracing the beauty industry award-winning ‘drink for your skin’ Vegan Collagen, this cruelty-free supplement from Raw Beauty Lab will give you 30 days of plant fuelled goodness for your skin and wellness, exactly when you most need it!

Harnessing the power of nature, this superfood combines powerful anti-ageing antioxidants from the whole-food matrix and supports wellness at the cellular level. Containing a blend of pure plant-based ingredients,including pink pitaya revered for its skin firming properties, camu camu berries to help restore radiance and baobab fruit, which is rich in antioxidants.

British made and vegan friendly, this beautiful gift comes in a fully recyclable festive card tube containing the compostable Vegan Collagen pouch with a reusable scoop and exclusive access to a curated collection of 30 collagen boosting recipes to enjoy in their ‘Christmas Recipe E-book’.

Raw Beauty Lab also plants a tree for every sale, making this the ideal gift for the eco-conscious beauty lover. RRP: £44.95, including free UK shipping.

The Natural Hydrating Skincare Set from Florena includes three essential, natural products you need for your daily skincare routine.

Natural ingredients aren’t just great for your skin; they help benefit our precious environment too. By using ingredients that have come from natural, sustainable sources and have been extracted via the fermentation process, Florena avoid having to use the kinds of industrial extraction techniques that are used to isolate synthetic ingredients. Their natural ingredients also biodegrade shortly after you’ve finished using them, unlike many of the ingredients in synthetic skincare products.

Florena’s range of creams contain the standard amount sold on the market – 50ml. However, the jars in which they are sold weigh just 7g – more than six times less than standard jars. Manufacturing smaller, lighter jars has helped significantly reduce their plastic usage and CO2 emissions.

Wild Beauty is an organic and wild foraged skincare collection for the Rhug Estate in North Wales. Lord & Lady Newborough have championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming at Rhug for many years and now are applying the same principles to their new range of face and body products. The products contain actives with proven skincare benefits whilst also reflecting the values of ‘slow beauty’. Rhug Estate’s Head Rofager, Richard Prideaux, and his team wild forage for ingredients on the estate, waiting for particular flowers to flower and mature. You can try out the range with the gorgeous Purifying Body Wash with Bergamot and Nettle.

Solidamie products are highly concentrated, luxurious, pH balanced cleansing bars that are activated by water. They use salon-quality formulations in a bar form with minimum packaging and contain zero soap.

Solidamide’s products help to reclaim your hair through high-quality ingredients and no fillers. Each ingredient has a function to support/nourish/detoxify hair strands that’s why they are concentrated and little goes a long way.

Their bars create a beautiful, rich lather which customers absolutely love (a lot of consumers think bars won’t foam as well as shampoo and are so used to it in synthetic products). No soap means that the product is pH balanced and won’t strip any natural oils from the hair strands.

Lets Sanitise have created a Christmas edit with their luxe mists, new lotions and hand washes. With each bottle sold, Let’s Sanitise donate a bottle to community organisations, care homes, schools and charities.

Lets Sanitise aim was to turn hand protection from a chore into a pleasurable sensory experience using alluring scents such as watermelon, grapefruit, oud, lemongrass and sandalwood and our complete mist sets are bursting full of our fruity favourites. With luxe textures such as light mists, buttery lotions and non-sticky gels even the biggest sanitiser naysayers will
be converted.

Containing 75% alcohol, our sanitising products comply with WHO standards, are vegan friendly, and have been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Whether it’s the eco hair care duo, calming floral bath salts, hydrating lip serum or the moisturising body butter bar FFS have plenty of choice for your gifts.

Or opt for a subscription shaving set. You can even get your razor engraved. By joining the club, you will be taking a step to saying no to single-use plastic and yes to more sustainable living.

They keep packaging to a minimum and use sustainable materials wherever they can. FFS also have their own in-house blade recycling scheme. Simply return your blades to us so they can be recycled, ready for a new lease of life.

FOAMIE is on a mission to “Think Outside the Bottle” and re-invent the way you think about your bathroom routine, with planet-friendly solutions that function as you would expect, smell incredible, and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair.

The current range, which is made in the UK, is made up of haircare, bodycare and facecare, from shampoo bars through to shower body bars. Each product has had its ingredients carefully selected to suit your specific needs – whether it’s hibiscus in our shampoo bars for damaged hair, nourishing papaya and oat milk in our body bars, or charcoal in our face bars to help reduce breakouts. Each product is cold pressed to preserve the ingredients and fabulous scent. Each product saves at least 2 plastic bottles per bar.

The Relaxing Coconut Set. Complete with our Body Butter, Body Bar, Candle and cheerful winter packaging smells gorgeous.

Give the gift of beautiful skin that doesn’t cost the earth – with luxury gift sets from vegan eco-conscious skincare brand Superfly Soap.

The luxury skincrae gift bundle is a brand new vegan and eco-conscious skincare routine in a box! The perfect giftset for lovers of luxury skincare and features a range of high-performance, luxury cosmetics that have been developed for maximum nourishment and anti-aging properties. The bundle includes:

Foodie and Kitchen Gifts

For Gin Lovers – The National Forest Gin is the perfect gift.

Situated in the heart of the National Forest, Burleighs have always been inspired by the beauty of their historic surroundings. Working in partnership with the expert foresters from the National Forest, they have developed a unique botanical recipe that encompasses the true spirit of the rolling landscape.

Expertly distilled on their copper-pot still, the National Forest Gin is a vibrant, earthy creation featuring Elderflower, Blackberries and Wild Cherry. Using the signature Burleighs recipe as a base, this a classic gin with bold juniper and zesty citrus perfectly complimented by the earthy flavours of the forest.

Each bottle of Burleighs National Forest Gin sold will help support the continuing efforts to create an accessible forest that will provide lasting benefits for generations to come.

Inspired by the work of the National Forest, Burleighs Gin has embarked on its own mission to become more sustainable. It has introduced biodegradable and recyclable packaging to complement its existing solar powered electricity, and all glass bottles and cardboard boxes at the site are recycled via a comprehensive recycling system. The bottles used for the National Forest Gin have been made from recycled glass

For more information about Burleighs Gin and its products and to book tickets to the distillery, visit:

The RTA are a fabulous range of traditional pine and steel wine racks with impressive eco-friendly and sustainable credentials – they are both Rainforest Alliance and FSC certified. They are also designed and manufactured in the UK. Offering stackable solutions, RTA wine racks are a stylish, space saving and sustainable solution to storing wine!

Available in different wood finishes for example dark pine and light oak there are styles and sizes to suit every house. You can get the RTA wineracks at John Lewis from £22.00 and Amazon UK from £9.99

The More Taste & Less Waste Cookbook; is the best addition to any households cookbook collection. £9.99

More Taste Less Waste is a stunning cookbook packed with handy tips and an enticing collection of 80 clever recipes that can make food waste a thing of the past. Each delicious recipe has a beautiful colour photograph, cook’s tips and information on preparation, storage and freezing.

All the recipes serve 2 except the batch cooking in the Make & Freeze chapter; these serve more. As all have been triple-tested you can be sure they’ll work every time and taste amazing.

For little ones 6m – 5yrs the beautifully presented Owl section plate gift box from Eco Rascals includes the three-section bamboo owl plate with a matching bowl and spoon set and their award winning straw cup. A lovely weaning weaning set for the little foodies in your life. Different designs and colours are available.

This three-section bamboo plate makes serving up well-balanced meals for your little ones easier than ever before. You can keep different foods and textures separate using the three sections and you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t end up on the floor. The super suction base is so good that it sticks like glue to any smooth and non-porous surface.

The A uniquely designed bowl to aid children in learning to spoon fed themselves. The deep high walls work to guide the food onto the spoon. The cup comes with two straws and it will support your child’s transition from sippy or bottle to a cup.

Canaïma is a small batch craft Amazonian gin dedicated to protecting and preserving its environment and the local communities within it.

Produced by the same family behind the famous Diplomático rum brand. The gin is made using 19 different botanicals – 10 from the Amazon, which are sourced directly by the local communities where Canaïma’s distillery is based. The remaining eight are traditional gin botanicals, which when blended with the native ingredients create a tropical, citrusy profile.

And with every purchase of this delicious gin Canaïma donates 10% of sales to both the Saving the Amazon Foundation and the Terra Viva Foundation. The latter is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable development for indigenous tribes through the fair trade of handcrafted products such as baskets and bracelets produced by local communities. These indigenous people have produced 15,000 handcrafted pieces since the brand launched in 2019.

RRP: £33.95 within various retailers including The Whisky Exchange, Selfridges and Amazon.

How about Zip Top available at A Little Find from £11.99 to £99.99 (set of 8) and Fenwick from £14.00 to £23.00 – New to the UK this Autumn! These reusable silicone bags stand up, stay open and zip shut!

Offering a new sustainable alternative to plastic bags, boxes and wrapping, they are perfect for small gift items and homemade edible delights. 100% platinum silicone and BPA free – one zip top can replace 5000+ disposable bags and be used over and over again!

I love these ToyChoc gift sets from PLAYin CHOC which are plastic-free, 100% recyclable, sustainable and the film to wrap the chocs is plant-based home compostable.

The Christmas Set has 6 festive ToyChoc boxes, and each box has 2 mini allergen free/vegan chocs (dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free etc), a festive puzzle toy to build and an educational fun facts card.

£15, or each box can be bought separately at £2.50 each.

Did you know that Britain gets through 2.5 billion paper coffee cups every year, and only around 1 in 400 end up being recycled? Give the gift of the best reusable coffee cup from Wakecup

Wakecup’s reusable bamboo coffee cup is a bestseller, and for good reason. Stylish, sustainable and lightweight, this durable coffee cup has an insulated interior which will keep your coffee hot for an hour, plus the leak-proof lid and snap top ensure there are no pesky spillages when you’re on-the-go.

You can engrave your name, initials or any phrase onto your WAKEcup. The cup also comes as part of their Zero Waste Starter Kit a great gift for any aspiring eco warrior!

BeeBAGZ available at A Little Find in sets from £14.99 to £27.99 – these beeswax food storage bags, from Canadian brand BeeBAGZ, are plastic-free bags rather than wraps and made from all-natural products such as 100% cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.

They are eco-friendly and reusable, naturally breathable and help keep your food fresher for longer. There is no need to use soap to clean as beeswax is naturally self-preserving – a clever, safer and convenient option to plastic! Perfect for storing fruits, veggies, sandwiches and other snacks – and a handy little bag for non-food uses too. Visit BeeBAGZ About Us for more on their eco values.

Have a coffee lover to buy for then check out the Odd Coffee Company

Created to tackle the nationwide coffee wastage in a similar way to the “wonky veg” business model, the Odd Coffe Company rescues surplus coffee pods and tonnes of freshly roasted bean and ground coffee.

Despite having minor imperfections that don’t impact the quality or taste, the coffee is often rejected due to strict cosmetic and quantity requirements set by supermarkets and retail trade. The Odd Coffee Company repackages the coffee in fully recyclable packaging for customers to enjoy sustainably sourced, quality roasted beans or pods at a fraction of the price.

Available to purchase direct from its website ( with free shipping for orders over £20, you can choose from;

For stocking fillers check out Ocean Saver. With their plastic free, plant based, non-toxic, cruelty free cleaning products. You just drop one into a bottle, add water and you are good to go.

Or completely new to eco-cleaning then the Everyday Essentials Starter Collection from Ocean Saver contains everything you need to change the way you clean. And when you’re finished? Keep hold of your Bottles for Life, pop in a new EcoDrop and you’re ready to go again – all without the plastic waste.

Collection includes:
5 x 100% POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic*) Bottles for Life
1 x Anti-Bacterial EcoDrop, Ocean Mist
1 x Kitchen Degreaser EcoDrop, Citrus Kelp
1 x Bathroom EcoDrop, Pomegranate Tide
1 x Multipurpose EcoDrop, Lavender Wave
1 x All Purpose Floor EcoDrop, Rhubarb Coral

Clothing and Accessory Gifts

The Bobux Seedling is a new environmentally minded, super comfy trainer, produced with natural textiles that both little feet and the planet will love. Made with one of the softest fabrics on earth, the bamboo-knitted shoe is super lightweight, breathable, durable, and designed to support free movement.

Consciously crafted with recycled and naturally-sourced core materials, Seedling helps children leave more environmentally sound footprints, while staying comfortable and protected. Naturally insulating, hypoallergenic and UV protectant, bamboo is kind to kids’ feet, while the natural and recycled rubber sole offers durability, flexibility and grip for all adventures.

The Seedling trainer features cotton laces, woven eyelets and an open weave knit – helping kids tread a little more lightly on the earth, and wherever their adventures take them. No socks needed, just lace-up and go! The style comes in three gorgeous hues – Indigo, Turmeric and Rosa. Available from in sizes EU18-33 and retails at £47-£54.

A beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings in sterling silver from The Diamond Store would make a wonderful gift this Christmas. The two sustainable lab grown diamonds are held in an illusion setting of sterling silver that mimics the facets of the diamonds, making them appear larger and magnifying the sparkle. A perfect little luxury gift for someone special.

The ethical choice and amazing value for money. Lab created diamonds are real diamonds just like mined diamonds. All of The Diamond Stores jewellery that features ethical and sustainable lab grown diamonds is also set in 100% recycled gold, platinum or silver. So that your entire jewellery piece is kind to the environment and local communities

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds? Yes, they are, just like mined diamonds. Grown in a laboratory using state of the art technology, they offer superb quality, beauty and value for money – whilst also being environmentally sustainable and ethical.

Sports enthusiasts will love a gift of Charlie McLeod’s Eco Sports Cloak, produced from recycled PET plastic. The plastic is chipped to a fibre that is then transformed into a yarn and ultimately the fabric to produce the inner and outer elements of the Sports Cloak. Approximately 110 recycled plastic bottles are used to produce one Eco Sports Cloak.

The Charlie McLeod Unisex Eco Sports Cloak offers a tough water-proof outer fabric, with a thick Sherpa fleece lining. All Eco Sports Cloaks come with a CMc Dry Bag to transport your Cloak and any additional kit. Inside the Sports Cloak are a number of zipped pockets including a mesh goggle pocket. Charlie McLeod branding can be found on the left breast and back. It’s the small details that set the Eco Sports Cloak aside from the competition. We’ve added extra-long zip pulls for cold fingers and V vented side seams for ease of movement. Available in plain or camo colours and a variety of sizes £129.95.

The gift that keeps on giving is Saalt Wear, period underwear made from 55% post-consumer recycled water bottles.

What distinguishes Saalt Wear most from its competitors is its moisture-separating gusset technology that wicks away wetness to keep users feeling drier, longer. The thin, highly absorbent inner layer absorbs up to 3 times its weight in liquid and traps in moisture beneath the first layer until it’s time to wash. This patent-pending combination means Saalt Wear is thinner, drier, and more comfortable than any other leakproof options on the market.

The Saalt Wear collection is available in three different absorbent styles and up to four colour variations

Kids Gifts

MicroScooters award winning scooters have their Eco scooters, made using discarded fishing nets that pollute our oceans. Their trailblazing Eco Maxi Micro Deluxe scooter for ages 5-12, three-wheel design with ‘lean-and-steer’ manoeuvrability boasts added durability, added performance and now added eco credentials.

Working with partners, they recover discarded ocean plastic and transform it into the durable, colour-pop material used for their decks. And of course all Micros are built to last – with the highest quality, replaceable parts – so they can be passed on and never end up in landfill. Available in their exclusive ocean green colourway.

Part of the 1% for the Planet scheme – 1% of sales of the Eco scooter is donated to environmental charities. Matching Eco helmet accessories also available.Eco Mini 3in1: RRP£122.95,

Eco Maxi: RRP £134.95,

You can’t go wrong with a cuddly toy. Steiff Tom is part of the series called Teddies for Tomorrow and is made of cuddly soft plush and recycled PET bottles in a warm cuppuccino colour.

He is 5-way jointed (which means you can move his head, arms and legs) with shiny eyes and a snout and paws which are lighter in colour giving you a lovely bear of calming colours.

Steiff Tom is made of certified organic cotton and he is delighted that the designers at the Steiff workshop now also make other teddies just like him.

Recycled PET………protects!
Using recycled PET protects the environment three times over.
First, the plastic doesn’t end up in the sea.
Secondly, it saves using new material.
And thirdly recycling uses less energy.
That’s why Steiff Teddies for Tomorrow feature PET stuffing.
How good is that!

Machine washable @ 30°, and is suitable for all ages.

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly. So go on…bring home your wild this Christmas.

Build your own 3D models with this unique collectable. Beautifully detailed yet simplified miniature animal figures with a couple of spoons of cuteness added in! Kids will collect and treasure them.

Made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card with natural play ink and non-toxic glue. Simply glue the pieces together in numerical sequence, with assembly taking 10-20 minutes. Available at various retailers.

Green Creativity have a variety of eco kids kits. For an eco-friendly crafty kit – Recycled Paper Beads £13.99 looks fab.

Have lots of fun with your friends making paper beads with our specially designed tool. Simply insert strips of recycled paper from newspapers and magazines into the tool and turn the handle. Make pretty necklaces and bracelets! Suitable for Ages 5+. All available at

Gifts For The Home

A lovely gift idea is this Organic Bamboo Sleep mask from All About Sleep A new brand offering sustainable, 100% organic bamboo bedding and sleep accessories that help soothe sensitive skin, clear up eczema, and are better for your sleep and the planet. The Sleep mask is presented in a 100% bamboo carry pouch, perfect for travel or gifting.

Just some of the benefits of this quality bamboo bedding are:

All About Sleep bedding sets, pillowcases, sleep masks and scrunchies are available to buy from the website.

Funky Chunky Furniture have these gorgeous sustainable and ethical tree decorations. Fair Trade – these felt Christmas decorations are made by artisans in Nepal using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. They’re made under fair trade working conditions from sustainable and biodegradable materials.

The set of three handmade wool penguins will add some Antarctic charm to your Christmas tree! They’re so cute, imagine them peering out from among the branches all December! Or the beautifully handmade grey felt bear with intricate embroidery – just perfect to add to your Christmas tree or as part of a mantel or shelf display. As well as being fair trade, their supplier donates to Child Rescue Nepal for each sale made of these bears.

Handcrafted using needle felting techniques, from 100% wool. All the dyes used are natural, and all products are sustainable and biodegradable.

The Christmas Penguin Decorations are part of thier Ethical Choice range of Christmas Decorations and Home Accessories. You’ll find more ethical Christmas decorations here, and ethical home accessories here.

Gardeners will love a gift of Biochar .

Earthly Biochar is the leading supplier of biochar in the UK. When added to soil, Biochar helps plants grow better and stronger. It does this by allowing the soil to hold onto nutrients and encouraging stronger root growth. You can give the gift of better blooms, more vibrant veg and brighter bulbs to your green fingered friends or family.

When biochar is made, wood does not turn into ash or biodegrade. Instead, the carbon inside the wood becomes a crystalline porous structure. This cannot breakdown in the environment, meaning the carbon is captured and stored for hundreds of years. This process is called carbon sequestration (or carbon capture) and is one method of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the goal of reducing global climate change. When 1 tonne of biochar is made, it prevents 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Biochar is the only immediate method of carbon capture, compare this to trees which take years to capture carbon.

Earthly Biochar sells biochar in 5l, 10l and 20l sized bags on the website, starting from £14.

For bigger spenders, there is also an exclusive kiln available (£697) so people can make their own biochar at home.

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