Peppa Pig World review and video

I’m pretty sure most parents of toddlers will know who Peppa Pig is, even James is a bit partial to an episode, although he thinks Daddy pig must be highly medicated, but that’s a whole other post. For Ava’s 2nd Birthday this year instead of having a party we decided it would be nice to take her to Peppa Pig World. You’ve all heard of Peppa Pig World right? Well if you have or haven’t and are wondering what it’s all about, here is our Peppa Pig World review with a little video of our lovely day.

As you can see Ava LOVED it! As soon as you enter Peppa Pig World which is a section in Paultons Park, you are greeted with the Peppa Pig theme tune and Ava ran over to see one of the characters. James initially thought it was quite small but soon realised it is the perfect size for toddlers and their little legs. 

The whole of Peppa Pig World is in bright, happy, rainbow colours, with the little houses just as you would imagine them. There is lots to stop and look at in between going on the rides. All seven rides, Windy Castle, George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride and Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride are ideal for toddlers.

Peppa Pig World review

When we went it was fairly busy and each ride had a large queue. The first couple of rides queues weren’t much fun with a toddler who was almost ready for a nap, who didn’t understand why she could see a car but not go on it straight away. After a nap she seemed to be in a better mood and, or understand that she would get on it eventually. It helped that it had started to rain and the queues were then smaller. To avoid large queues the advice we were given is to go first thing when the park opens or near closing time. There are other rides suitable for toddlers around the park that you could go and find during peak busy times. 

Apart from the rides Ava also enjoyed looking at the duck pond and visiting Peppa’s house. Unfortunatley it wasn’t warm enough to take advantage of and splash around in the Muddy Puddles wet area, but it looked like great fun for a warmer day. Mr Potato’s Playground was a big hit and I just loved the rainbow road. You can even meet Peppa and George, who come out to pose for photos and meet the crowds, we didn’t manage to get a photo but we did see them.

Peppa Pig World review

If it’s raining or cold there is George’s Spaceship Playzone, an indoor soft play area. We didn’t spend any time in here but I did pop my head in and it looked bright and clean with plenty to keep them entertained. This was next to Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy the place to get food and drinks within Peppa Pig World. Again there was a big queue here around lunchtime when I waited for a drink. There was a healthy lunchbox option for kids, pizza and sandwiches for adults and some yummy looking cakes. There was an outdoor area to eat with a bit of over head shelter but just outside of Peppa Pig World are more places to eat offering hot food and an enclosed eating areas for colder days.

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Ava loved her day at Peppa Pig World and so we did too. It was the perfect treat for our Peppa obsessed little toddler and seeing her face light up at hearing the theme tunes she recognised, trying to hug the characters and her excitement on the rides made it such a special day for us all.  

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Tickets for Peppa Pig World are £25.75 for one on and advanced rate fare. A family of three is £74.75 and a family of four £99.00 with children under a metre free.  You do get entry in to the rest of Paultons Park for this and I know the boys 5 and 9 would love the new Dinosaur themed Lost World area of the park. It’s also worth looking at the breaks they offer with a night in a hotel and the second days entry for free. 



15 responses to “Peppa Pig World review and video”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Wow my little lady would so love it there.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. We’ve been a few times and when we went in the summer for the girls birthdays, it was definitely the best yet. They were 4 and 2, the perfect ages. It really is the perfect place for little ones X

  3. Rhian Harris says:

    This looks fabulous! I’m sure little Ava loved every second of it! #picknmix

  4. My twins would go bat-shit crazy over this place. I would also go crazy…but probably for other reasons. 😉 Glad she had a blast!


  5. Aww this brings back lovely memories of when we took Spud and Flump, they loved it and there were lots of rides that they could both go on (in PP world and Paultons) which which was great. That theme tune sure does get annoying after a while though right? 😉 Glad you had a lovely time x #picknmix

  6. My little girl would love this! She’s starting to get into Pepper Pig.

  7. Sounds like you had a really lovely time and it’s good they have something for the wetter days, this is England after all! Definitely gonna go there when Ben is bigger!

  8. I so wish I had an excuse to go here 😉 I’m not sure the boys would be that keen 😉

    Stevie xx

  9. I have heard so much about this place but we have never visited with us being up North. My children would LOVE it but my eldest, twelve, would think he had woken up in his worst nightmare – I think I might too, haha! It’s definitely somewhere we will take the children, maybe a weekend trip next summer as, as much as I hate Peppa, she really is their all time favourite! #picknmix

  10. That looks so much fun! I’ve been thinking of taking my (also Peppa obsessed) 2 year old daughter to Peppa Pig World so this really helps me know what to expect. I think once the spring comes around again we might just have to take her. #PicknMix

  11. My youngest would LOVE this but my son would never forgive us! maybe the lure of dinosaurs could win him over though x

  12. ohmummymia says:

    Looks like you had a great time:) I have a boy so I don;t think he will like a Peppa but you never know:D

  13. My eldest would absolutely love it there! I feel like it’s a bit pricey but thats because we are a family of four now and everything seems daunting in price haha #picknmix

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