Just Eilidh

10 gifts Mums really want for Mothers Day

Treats and gifts are lovely, but here are some easy things that will make any Mum happy this Mothers Day.

  1. Sleep
    A good sleep followed by a lie in for extra points. Being able to wake up in your own time without being jumped on or being woken up by a rogue foot and or a toy landing on your head.
  2. A coffee or cup of tea
    That hasn’t gone cold. If it is accompanied by a biscuit or cake that would be even better.
  3. Being able to go to the toilet in peace
    Without having to entertain the baby in the chair by the door or shouting at older kids to stop fighting.
  4. A clean house
    That we haven’t had to clean ourselves. This includes the toilets!
  5. Handmade card
    There is nothing better than a handmade card we can proudly display.
  6. No arguing
    Everyone needs to get along all day, OK!
  7. A bath
    Half an hour off to have a bath, uninterrupted. Candles and a glass of wine for even more Brownie points.
  8. Cake
    Because, well who doesn’t like cake?
  9. Nice meal
    One that has been cooked for us, a take out that we haven’t had to order or a meal out.
  10. Cuddles
    Because it’s nice to feel appreciated. Being told that you are the best Mummy in the World, also goes down well.
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