Our 2018 Family Bucket List

Have you ever made a wish list before and then not really done anything with it? Full of great ideas, dreams and intentions, only for day to day life to take over and another year gone by without ticking anything off? This year and last year I’ve taken a different approach and we have created a family wish jar. Everyone has chosen activities that they would like to do throughout the year and we now have a fantastic list, our family bucket list, which I can’t wait to get started on!

Our 2018 Family Bucket List

Ideas and Inspiration for creating your own Family Bucket List for the year

At the end of every 4 months I’m going to come back to our family bucket list and see what we can cross off creating a blog post to keep track of it all. I’m also going to use it to help us plan and budget for activities throughout the year.

Not made a family bucket list for this year? Why not use some of these ideas to make your own. Have fun!

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