4 weeks post partum

I’ve just realised that our little Ava is exactly 1 month old today! I really can’t remember/imagine what our life was like before her now. I vaguely remember slightly more sleep! 

Last week I went to the doctors as I had been experiencing some weird bleeding and part of my scar had gone red and puffy. I was put on antibiotics for a suspected infection. Ive just about finished the course and I feel so much better. I’m not as sore and crampy and my scar looks better too. I’ve also been suffering with dizzy spells. It happens when I stand up and everything goes black and fuzzy for a few seconds which is worrying when I’m holding Ava. I was put on iron tablets and had bloods taken. I need to go back and speak to the doctors about my results as the tablets have made no difference to the dizziness which is a bit worrying. I weighed myself last week and was surprised, very surprised that the scales told me I was back at pre pregnancy weight! I don’t believe them and I’m ordering some for home as I want to keep an eye on my weight. I put a lot of weight on last time I was breastfeeding. The bonus of my scar feeling better is that I can now wear my old jeans. I still have to undo the button sometimes by the end of the day but it’s so good to be out of maternity clothes!

I’m at the point now where some days are easy, some are hard. Ava has days where she will graze all day long and I can’t get anything done. Then she will have days where I have a good stretch of time inbetween feeds. I have no pain now  which is great. I’m still regularly leaking and had an embarrassing moment when I was at the cafe at the gym. I went to the changing rooms (where I weighed myself) looked in the mirror and saw a wet patch on my pale pink cardigan. Luckily I had a black vest on so it wasn’t too obvious. I had totally forgotten to put pads in so improvised and used cotton pads from the changing room for removing makeup. I’ve now got a spare pair of pads in my changing bag for future emergencies! I’m having to express each day now so I have some milk to mix with Ava’s medicine. I’m doing it every morning between 9-11 and by day 3 it’s getting easier. I’m using the medela swing which I’m finding easy and comfortable to use. 
Family life 
Finlay turned 4 and had a Superhero themed party. I realised the other day that  I couldn’t remember the last time he had worn normal clothes. Every day he chooses a different outfit, it’s very cute. Things are a bit more normal now and I’m feeling like I can do a bit more with the boys. We even managed a walk/bike ride around a local lake at a country park at the weekend. The boys still love having cuddles with Ava and have got used to life with a baby in the house. 
Baby Ava
This week Ava has started smiling, real smiles that spread to the eyes, not just windy smiles. I have yet to catch one on camera :/ though I’ve got plenty of failed attempts. She is happiest when she is being held which I don’t mind. I love watching her sleeping, feeling her breathe and watching her little sleep faces. I’m definitely making the most of the sleepy newborn phase. We took her to the doctors as the sick, wind and being generally uncomfortable has gotten worse. We are currently trialling colief which has been a total nightmare figuring out how to do it when breastfeeding. We’ve figured out a system which I’m going to share for anyone else that it could help. We have yet to see an improvement but are keeping our fingers crossed. 


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  1. Jo Smith says:

    You look incredible! Well done on getting back in to your jeans already. I love the “I am 4 weeks old” card next to Ava in her bouncer, did you make that? Thanks for linking to #babybabble this week 🙂

  2. Well done with the breastfeeding, it will space out soon. I felt like that’s all I did for the 1st 6 weeks, now I miss having so much time to sit down! #babybabble

  3. This is such a beautiful snapshot of your life and at such a special time. Sounds like you’re doing really well! Congratulations on cracking the breastfeeding and on getting to the gym after only a month. You are superwoman!

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xxx

    • Eilidh Gallagher says:

      Thanks, I was in the cafe at the gym, not doing a workout 🙂

  4. Cat Williams says:

    What gorgeous pictures! You look amazing 4 weeks post partum!
    I’m 9 month on and still look like a pile of poo 🙂


  5. Lovely pictures you look so good too! #babybabble

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