52 weeks of gratitude!

Ive decided to join in with 52 weeks of grattitude as I really enjoyed taking part in 100 happy days on Instagram. Love being reminded to be happy and grateful for the little things that can otherwise pass us by. 

Here’s this weeks list
1. Baby is growing well and sounding happy at my midwife appointment.
2. Oh coming back home from working abroad for a few days.
3. My Dad babysitting for me so I could go to my lazy daisy class.
4. Having all week with the monkeys, no work or school. 
5. Spending a day with friends and our children.
6. The one cup of coffee I have had in the last 7 months! It was good! 
7. Strawberries, I can’t get enough of them.
8. Being able to catch up on all the programmes I had recorded that the oh doesn’t like.
9. Having the time to watch and play with the boys all day. 
10. Sleep!! 

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  1. Polly Davies says:

    thanks for linking up! glad that baby is growing well – it’s so great being able to hear them isn’t it?!

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