7 Reasons Why a Photo Book Makes a Gift

A photo book can hold many memories with valuable family photos or snaps from past travels. However, since our digital devices are filled with thousands of unimportant images, finding the photos that mean so much becomes difficult. A photo book is therefore a great idea as a gift as it cuts through the clutter and highlights the recipient’s priceless photos. Here are a few more reasons why a photo book makes a great gift.

Thoughtful Gifts Mean More

Photo books are perfect reproductions of images taken in the moment. They can share what was captured with anyone who flicks through one. The photos within them are personally selected, which demonstrates the attention and effort made to design the perfect gift. Not every photobook is well produced though. Some do not stand the test of time or repeated thumbing through them either. Care must be taken to choose only High Quality Photo books from a producer like PhotoBox.co.uk to avoid disappointment. They offer paper selection choices, customisation options for the cover’s colour, and are produced to last.


Unlike many other gifts that are quickly forgotten, a photo book remains with you for a long time. It can be shown to friends and family, and it holds memories that can be passed down to the next generation. This way, anyone interested in the family history can access it visually without needing to hunt around. Images also retain their quality, so they can last longer than a bare photo that’s unprotected too.

Snapshot in Time

Photos provide a snapshot to that moment in time, immortalized forever. That is, unless the photos are rarely seen or looked at. With the abundance of digital photographs, the trouble is the volume of images taken these days. Most are of low-quality but clutter up our devices. Finding the rare few that are worthy of a relook, let alone the ones that should be treasured, is a dying art form. Instead, with a photo book, they are selected, protected, and retained.

Safer Than Photos on a Mobile or in the Cloud

Photos often sit on a mobile or in the cloud, and they’re not always safe there, unfortunately. It’s all too easy for photos to be lost when the phone goes missing or is stolen. If the sync facility was turned off, then the photos were not backed up to the cloud either. This means they’re gone forever and there is no chance for a retake.

Photos in the cloud can get lost, accidentally deleted, or become corrupted by a virus or malware. They can also get overwritten. The result is that photos in the cloud aren’t permanently stored memories; they are at risk. They’re not as safe there as you’d think. Photos that are selected to go into a photo book make a great gift because they capture the best images. They cannot get deleted or corrupted like a file.

Celebrate Milestones or Major Events in Their Life

With a photobook, you can immortalise a milestone or major event in someone’s life. Whether that’s a grown child graduating from university, a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary, or another important event, it’s a special moment that should be treasured. Keeping a physical collection of photos in an attractively presented format does just that. While a son or daughter may not want their achievements celebrated, it’s a parents right to do so. They may also look back on these times when they were younger, or if they become a parent themselves, and appreciate it as a mature adult.

Avoid Gifting the Same Item as Others

One of the problems with gift-giving is when the recipient receives numerous presents. At this point, it becomes a little challenging for people to avoid giving similar, or identical, gifts! There are only so many pairs of socks, ties or perfumes that are well received as gifts. To either stand out from the crowd or to ensure your gift is a unique one, a photobook ensures that no one will have given something identical. Unlike other gifts, it’s also something that they’re going to return to after the gift wrapping is gone and the hubbub is over.

Express Your Creativity

Gift-giving is also a way to express your creative side. Choosing just the right photo book, selecting the most appropriate photos in the best sequence to go inside it, and customising the cover, paper stock, and other elements, can all impact the final result. It becomes an expression of your innate creativity through the final product. Let it speak for you.

A photo book is something special, different, and unexpected. In a sea of similar gifts being given, it can bring something more personal with the greater thought that clearly went into it.

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