A week of firsts, Ischia and two words #LittleLoves

It’s been a week of firsts here. Ava started Pre-School and I have started my new work from home role. Kyle had his first day in year 5 (how is he that old?) and Finlay his first day in year 2. It’s like I blinked and missed summer, including the summer weather. July and August were pretty rubbish weren’t they? I was hoping for a warm September but I’m siting typing this in jeans, a long sleeved top and fluffy socks!

I have to mention our trip to Ischia last week for James’ 40th. I will be writing a post all about it really soon. If you get the chance to visit it is a beautiful part of the World. 


I wish I could say my life was always this glamorous! Hiring a boat for the day and sailing the whole way around the Island of Ischia, stopping off for lunch, a nap and a swim into a cave, was probably one of the most memorable days of my life. It was only two days ago but being back home today it seems like longer. It was so lovely being able to spend some quality, peaceful time with James! On a side note, after we got off the boat I felt like I was rocking till the next day! Anyone else ever had that? – – – – #myhappycapture #heitermoments #lovelyairylove #lifecloseup #littleloves #familytravel #travelblogger #lifecloseup #capturingcolour #colourinmysquare #wanderlust #boatlife #ischia #lovecolour

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I got ‘Small Great Things’ in the airport which has been on my to read list for a while. I’ve got about two chapters left and I can’t wait to find out what finally happens. This book is a real, make you think, book. It’s about racism and although based in America is pretty relevant to our society. 


Power! I know, late to the party again. We are now into season 2 and I’m hooked!


Ava joining two words together. Anyone who has a child with a speech delay will know what a big deal this is. I can’t really remember the boys at this stage of speech, maybe because the process of talking was more fluid for them. She’s been trying really hard and it’s so cute to listen too. We’ve had pink towel, Daddy poo (haha), Mummy hand, biscuit please etc. She has a pause between the words where you can almost hear her little brain thinking what’s next. Each word still isn’t very clear, we know what she’s saying, but I will probably still have to translate for other people. 


A start on my new work from home job. It feels very weird to not be teaching, but I’m not missing it. Yesterday Ava had a dieticians appointment and then we went to do some food shopping. For once I didn’t feel guilty doing that with her as I’ve had more time with her during the week than I would have done. 


I’m cheating with this one and using a pic from Ischia last week. The weather is so miserable today so I’m dreaming of warmer weather. I’m still wearing my Saltwater sandals though for as long as possible!

And Lastly ….

Ava started Pre-School this week, she will be going two mornings a week. Her first session on Wednesday went well, I think. I even had a bit of time in the house on my own which was very odd!

8 responses to “A week of firsts, Ischia and two words #LittleLoves”

  1. Morgana says:

    Year 5 seems such a big step doesn’t it? How on earth do we both have children that old??!
    I really must pick up a copy of Small Great Things, I keep reading so many good reviews of it.
    Super exciting about your new work from home role, enjoy! xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I have no idea! It makes me feel old though! Than you and yes Small Great Things is a really good read x

  2. I have just added Small Great Things to my reading list as everybody says how good it is. Glad Ava is enjoying her nursery sessions and sounds like it is all change for you working from home. How nice that you got to get away with just James, looks a beautiful place x

  3. Those tiles! Ischia looks absolutely beautiful! Well done to Ava on her speech, that’s fantastic, you must be so proud of her. I’ve never heard of Power, looks really good though. Hope you all have a great week! x

  4. Jenny says:

    We all know I loved your shoe snap it was a feature in this week’s #lifecloseup LOVE IT brightened up all our dark gloomy days lately. It’s been horrendous since I got home. I can’t take fashion, or interior or even our new garden snaps. So frustrating so much to share and yet can’t do it with storms hitting us last two days. Your trip sounds amazing to ISCHIA wow swimming in a cave so jealous. Hoping you are enjoying your new role at home. And having a lovely weekend despite the weather look forward to your holiday post soon. Good to be back with #littleloves

  5. I love those sandals they are gorgeous and I have just finished small great things and omg it was amazing totally blew my mind but was hard going at times. Hope the job is going well, I felt the same when I stopped teaching I love the teaching part but hated the admin and grief I have never looked back x

  6. Gail says:

    Oh, I read Small Great Things not long ago. It’s fantastic isn’t it? Such a thought provoking read! x

  7. Oh wow, well done Ava! I bet you are feeling like the proudest mummy ever right now!! I love your sandals, I’ve heard such good things about Saltwaters.. maybe next year I’ll get myself some! xx

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