Calcium: Are you getting enough?

Strong bones and teeth is something I take for granted. As I’m currently dairy and soya free and I’m breastfeeding I’ve started to become concerned about my calcium intake.

Calcium deficiency is more common if you;

I tick two of these and I can’t eat a lot of calcium fortified foods as they contain soya.

The British Dietetic Association has produced a really handy food fact sheet which tells you how many mg per day of calcium you need. It also relates this to stars. As a breastfeeding Mum I need 1250mg per day or 21 stars. This is compared to an adult who needs 700mg or 11 stars. The leaflet provides lists of common foods and how many stars they are worth.

I really need to start including more calcium in my diet and I need to be taking a supplement as with the limited foods I can eat I’m going to find it really hard to reach my daily target.

I had a look at the children’s daily requirements;

It’s quite easy for kids to hit their daily intake of calcium. For example;





Are you geting enough calcium?

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  1. Interesting post. I drink an awful lot of milky tea in massive cups each day, so I probably am. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      That’s good. Yeah James hits his through drinking tea and cereal. I hate tea, probably a good thing that I do at the moment as I think milk substitutes in tea aren’t meant to be very nice x

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