The Epic Meccano Meccaspider Review

I am not a spider fan but I knew when I saw it that the boys would love the Meccano MeccaSpider. We have done a few Meccano kits before but nothing quite as adventurous, so I will admit to the 10+ age recomendation worrying me a little. I have discovered Meccano is not my strong point! Luckily Kyle (just 10) was much more intuitive at putting it together than I was.

The Meccano MeccaSpider is a robotic creepy crawly that can be controlled using built-in buttons, or with the free Meccano app! Not only is it a great STEM activity to construct, the MeccaSpider comes with built-in games that the whole family can then enjoy.

The Meccano MeccaSpider comes with 291 parts, 2 hand tools, 1 decal sheet, MeccaSpider brain module, 1 IR sensor module, 2 smart motor modules and instructions.  The MeccaSpider took us 3-4 hours to put together, longer than the time it said. I think this was because we had to take a couple of bits apart and re do after being a bit too keen. So my advice would be to carefully check you have the right colour before putting things together. That being said the colour instructions are easy to follow and nothing was too difficult to fix together. 

We did need an extra pair of hands to make sure some of the screws and bolts were tight enough and for fixing the Meccano MeccaSpider Brain Module and IR Sensor Module at either end of the body.  

Once the body is constructed you start to put together the eight legs. This bit was a little easier and Kyle was keen to be left to do it himself. 

I was pretty pleased when we finished the build (after trying to keep the toddler away from not really helping!) and the boys were super excited to actually make the MecaaSpider move. You need 5 x C (LR14) batteries which aren’t included so don’t forget to get them first like I did!

There are 7 different play modes and a Venom Attack game to play. 

There is also Games Mode which we haven’t yet explored. There is so much to keep them entertained this will be a toy that definitely lasts!

  • Repeat After Me – A copying game based on the lights which increases in difficulty. If you don’t get them all right the MeccaSpider will attack.
  • Venom Attack – The boys are desperate to try this one out but we need to do it when Ava isn’t around as the spider is not her favourite thing at the moment. You need to fill the water reservoir on the Meccaspider and then sit in a circle, very still. The MeccaSpider will turn around in a circle at random, but you never know when MeccaSpider will stop turning and whether you will get sprayed with “venom”. If it stops and doesn’t “attack”, then it will start turning again, but beware, the “venom” can get you at any time!

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Oh wow!! This is fantastic, meccano is very popular, my children would enjoy playing and making this xxx

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