The 3 Bad Habits To Get Rid Of Before Your Children Pick Up On Them

Being a parent is all about setting the perfect example to your children as they grow up. But as we get older, we can find ourselves becoming a bit lax in our sensibilities. It’s important that we set a good example to our children early on in life so they are able to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, but also have a good attitude towards health. With this in mind, are there bad habits we have that we’ve got to get rid of before our children catch on to them and inhabit them as well?

The Poisonous Habits

Smoking is still commonplace. But if our children see us smoking, then surely it’s just easier to make a quick switch to something like Nova Vapes, or at the very least, smoke in secret? Surely we know by now just how dangerous smoking is. But there are still people that can’t stop. We know that poisonous habits like smoking and drinking are some of the worst things we can do, and while there are people that would argue that consume eat in abundance is almost as bad, when you weigh it up, surely smoking and drinking are the two most poisonous things you can do on a daily basis? If we are to teach our children a proper lesson did not consume any alcohol or smoking like we are, then we’ve got to practice what we preach!

Coping With Stress

Stress is good and bad. A little bit of stress can give us motivation. And if we feel that we’ve got an abundance of money worries, or we are renting a property where the landlord could easily turf us out at any moment, this stress becomes our default mindset. If our children feed into this, they are going to go through life with the same sorts of anxieties. Whether we are doing our best to keep a lid on it or not, if we let it out in the end, our children will think this is normal. As such, they are going to go through life tetchy and anxious. Coping with stress is about expanding our comfort zone, like the guide on The Start Of Happiness, but also having the relevant tools so we are able to calm down quickly. Everybody is different, some benefit from meditating, and others go for long walks, but if you can have a wide variety of knowledge in terms of calming down, you can very easily pass these tactics on to your children.

Impulse Buying

We are part of that generation where we don’t have enough money like our parents did, but we have to cope with the rising cost of living. On top of this, having a credit card in our back pocket means that if we think we need something, then we will buy it. They should teach budgeting and looking after money in schools, but they don’t. This is why we need to teach our children how to look after their earnings. We can do this at an early age. If our children want something, then we can pay them for chores around the house, and this means that they’ve got to accumulate the necessary finances to buy something that they want. At the same time, they are also learning the benefits of working for a wage.

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