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For those of you that didn’t see on my social media, the last two weeks did not go to plan. We ended up with a five day hospital stay with a very ill Ava. Seeing her unresponsive with doctors and nurses around her is not a moment I ever want to repeat. They think a virus caused her meninges to swell, but she had a 5 day course of IV antibiotics used to treat bacterial meningitis as she was too ill to not finish the course. The hospital acted very quickly, within an hour of seeing the doctor on the children’s ward she had a cannula (they couldn’t wait for numbing cream) had, had bloods taken and was having her first lot of the IV antibiotics. Her blood sugars dropped to 2.2 and her keytones shot right up so she had to have specialist tests done that we will get the results of in a few months. It might just mean that when she is ill, she is more prone to her sugars dropping. We feel very grateful for the NHS!


I’ve made a start on Everything I didn’t tell you, but struggled to concentrate on it with the lack of sleep in hospital. I’ve enjoyed reading Red Magazine. I think it’s my new favourite mag to read and I always disregarded it as being aimed at 40+ (sorry!) but after seeing people mentioning it on Instagram I had a look and changed my mind.


I started watching Unreal and I’m now on Season 2. It’s a behind the scenes of the filming of a reality tv show and it’s dark but full of strong female figures at the top of their game. Series 3 is said to be the most feminist yet!


I watched a bit of The Brits the other night and it just made me feel old and made me long for 90s music after Liam Gallagher’s performance. So I’ve been loving this Spotify playlist. 


It through the last few weeks and that in itself is an achievement! I think I’ve definitely got more grey hairs and have had some cracking ulcers, but after a few down days I think I’m over the worst. I must have been running on adrenaline the whole time we were in hospital.


We are home after finishing Ava’s IV antibiotics this afternoon. It’s been a tiring day for her so all she has done since getting in the car home is sleep and she is now tucked up in her own bed. I think I’m going to be checking on her a lot as to be honest I’m a bit of a nervous wreck. She’s still poorly and I’m worried she will go downhill again or her sugars will drop too low. Although I’m really glad to be home it was less of a worry in hospital with the constant monitoring! [ #lifecloseup #littleloves #cherisheachmoment #mummyblogger #pbloggersuk #ofquietmoments #peacefulmoments ]

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This outfit; 


I’m feeling a bit more myself again today after being really down the last few days. I think the stress of last week and lack of sleep had really caught up with me! I’ve got some cracking ulcers too! I had a delivery this morning and it was a couple of bits I had late night shopped from the Mango sale that I had completely forgotten about. So I put on my new jumper, a little make up and some perfume and suddenly felt a little brighter. Although I’ve chopped my head off in this photo because no amount of concealer is sorting out these black bags any time soon! I feel like I’ve aged 10 Years!! Ava on the other hand is looking much better, less grey and more of a normal colour 😍 [ #fashionover30 #styleover30 #whatmamaworemonday #whatmamawore #mystyle #dresslikeamum #whatiworetoday #casualstyle ]

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And Lastly ….

I’m trying to plan some things to look forward to. If you have any recommendations for holidays that cater for more than 2 children in their rooms, please let me know!

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  1. Oh bless you hunny it’s SO so hard when our babies are ill and we can’t do anything about it. Amazing how great the nhs did and reacted for her. With a ill child myself I know how scary it is them in that hospital bed and Doctors rushing about looking for answers. Been there and it does add so much grey hairs and emotional worries in our already parent protective minds. Sending you all so much love. Hope you don’t have to go through that again and get answers to prevent it in future. Big hugs. You are so strong and brave. More than we give ourselves credit for sometimes. #littleloves

  2. Ah no poor Ava I hope she is on the mend now that is all so scary, Jack our oldest is diabetic and keynotes scare the hell out of me, I hope you have some answers and I love he sweater it is so lovely x

  3. Oh goodness, it’s so scary when they get so poorly isn’t it? I hope you get some positive answers soon and I’m really glad she’s much brighter than she was. I like the look of the book – I’ve been recommended another one by the same author so I think I might have to check them out. Make sure you look after yourself in the middle of all this too x

  4. Oh poor Ava! What a fright this must have been for you all. You’re right we should all be so grateful for the NHS.
    I loved Unreal, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. I need to keep an eye out for season 3!
    Just like you I had completely written off Red magazine but after seeing so much positivity about it I got myself a subscription and love i! xx

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Ava, what a terrifying ordeal for you all. I hope that she is making a speedy recovery and that you are looking after yourself too. I am yet to read Everything I Never Told You – it’s been recommended to me lots though, so it’s been added to my (ever expanding) list. Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  6. It was horrible to hear about poor Ava and you were amazingly strong through it all lovely. I adore that jumper and I will have to take a look at Red, I’ve always dismissed it too x

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