A great toddler sleep with an electric blackout blind

Ava at almost 3, yes she’s 3 in a few days, I’m in denial. Still doesn’t sleep the whole way through the night. By that I mean she doesn’t stay in her bed all night and comes in with us some time during the early hours. It’s not ideal but it’s the way we all manage to get the most sleep at the moment. We have tried lots of different things to help our toddler sleep. Unfortunately, sleep is something we have been lacking in our house since she arrived and I have done many a crazy thing due to sleep deprivation

Moving house recently means for the first time Ava now has her own room. We initially put up the gro anywhere stick up blackout blind, but it meant either leaving it up, or taking it down and sticking it back up every night. It’s fantastic for creating a dark room, however we needed a more permanent solution. 

Essential Bambino Electric Wire Free Blackout Roller Blind

We have been trying out the electric blackout roller blind from Order Electric Blinds in Ava’s bedroom to see if it helps our toddler sleep.  It makes a huge difference to how her room looks. We opted for the bambino colour which she likes and it goes with the decor in her room. It’s lovely to walk into a nice bright room now. 

The main reason I love this blind is there are no wires, or cables making it safe for a toddlers room. 

The blinds are made to measure and it was really simple to figure out the size to order. There are even videos on the website showing you how to do it. The blind was also fairly quick to fit and the motor was easy to programme to the depth of her window.

The remote has an up and down button to roll the blind up or down. You just have to press it once as it knows the depth of your window. The blind has a Somfy motor who are the market leaders in window blind motorisation. With regular use the rechargeable batteries in the motor will need recharging only once a year.

The blind looks neat and fits the window well. But not only that, it also has thermal insulation which is great for bedrooms. 

At the moment with the nights drawing in a black out blind isn’t as essential as in the summer months when we will really be putting it to the test. Especially as she will be old enough to say “but it’s still light outside!”. Hopefully she will be a better sleeper by then. But for now it’s helping us on our way to a great toddler sleep.  Wish us luck!


Disclaimer: I was sent the electric blackout roller blind for the purpose of this review. 


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  1. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I will have to try these in my girls bedrooms, they are 5 years and 9 months old, on a week day my 5 year old gives me a battle to get up for school yet on the weekend she’s up bright as a button at 7am, she then wakes my 9 month old daughter by coming into our room, my son is 13 so is a lazy bugger on the weekend lol xxx

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