Gym injuries – can I claim personal injury compensation?

January comes round every year like clockwork. For a lucky few, January is just January. No need to change anything. A new year may have dawned but no changes are needed in terms of diet, fitness, finances, relationships, more time for creative outlets, more time to see friends, more time to travel, more time to relax, improving your various skill sets, and finally reading that book you’ve been meaning to read for, oh, a while now (I once went the whole of university
without enough time to read a book I’d been given on how to make more time for yourself – the irony still gets a laugh among my family and friends to this day). People who don’t need any change are rare. If, indeed, they exist at all. One thing is for certain, January is gym time.

Summer is coming (unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere, in which case summer is in full flight by January and maybe all the more reason to join a gym asap). With so many new people joining gyms each year, the rate of gym related personal injuries is steadily increasing. If you have an accident, speak to a solicitor. You may be able to make a

Let’s take a look at some of the more common cases

● Faulty or malfunctioning gym equipment – faulty gym equipment can unleash asudden impact of weight, causing injury due to improper machine maintenance.
● Failure to provide proper equipment instructions – when you sign up to a gym, you should receive an induction on the proper and safe usage of all gym equipment/facilities.
● Accidents caused by uneven flooring – gyms notoriously make use of various fixed and non-fixed soft flooring, which can be displaced and present a tripping hazard.
● Injuries caused by flying or loose objects – where gym machines or other gym equipment present a hazard to other gym users in terms of a radius of use, correct distancing measures should be put in place to prevent bystander injuries.
● Gym related illnesses – gyms present the perfect breeding grounds for bacterial infections. From the changing rooms to the gym equipment itself, multiple people each day share the same facilities. Where hygiene standards are not upheld, gym related illnesses can occur.

Don’t forget that if you have been affected by a gym related personal injury, your claim could also potentially cover lost earnings, medical expenses, and travel expenses to medical appointments, among other costs.

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