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For Ava, It started with a dairy allergy and then we discovered as I switched to soya products that soya was a no go too. When it came to weaning, instead of it being a fun process, it was just a constant worry as we discovered even more allergies. Ava reacted to licking a strawberry, her face was so sore it took months to clear up fully. Most of her reactions were tummy related, but she also developed swollen lips on a few occasions. Luckily her breathing was never affected. 

Now she is older we are slowly, very slowly progressing up the milk ladder for her IgE allergy, but we still have antihistamines, at home, in the car and never go on holiday without it. Especially as I have now developed the odd allergic reaction, more than hayfever which I know I already have,  which has been put down to unknown allergies. Not exactly reassuring!

Home Allergy Test

I have been considering getting myself a home alleregy test for allergies which is when I discovered they can now be done quite easily at home giving you an indication of what is triggering your symptoms. A home allergy test on its own won’t tell you if you have allergy though. An accurate diagnosis of allergy requires both a test and a consultation with your doctor.

With so many different home testing kits available it can be difficult to know which one to go for. It’s best to opt for one that detects IgE like the home test kit from Klarify.me.  Allergy blood tests performed by doctors are based on the same principle. 

What is IgE?

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an antibody produced by the immune system. An allergic reaction happens when your body treats a harmless substance as a threat and your immune system produces an unnecessary response to the trigger. The body produces IgE antibodies specific to the trigger it’s trying to fight. These antibodies tell other cells to release certain chemicals. And it is those chemicals that cause uncomfortable and sometimes even life-threatening allergy symptoms. 

An IgE test will pick up if you have sensitisation to an allergen, but you can have sensitisation without a reaction. As such you should view the results of a home allergy blood test as an indication of a suspected allergy rather than clear-cut proof. The results of a home test for allergies can be a first step to finding out if you have an allergy. 

The Different Tests

If you are considering taking an allergy test at home. Klarify.me have experience with allergies that goes back over 100 years. With their background in science, they offer two different tests that you can order online. One is a DIY home test which can show if you’re sensitised to a few of the major allergens. Allergens such as house dust mites, grass pollen or cat dander. 

The other is the home to lab test which considers your body’s reaction to 294 allergens. A really comprehensive list including pollen, pets, mites, insect stings, moulds & yeasts and foods.  By doing a simple finger prick blood sample and sending it off, you then receive a personalised report to discuss with your doctor.

With prices for the tests starting at £19.99 you can find out more about the home allergy tests on the Klarify.me website

Have you taken a home allergy test before, did it help? I would love to hear more in the comments below.

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