A Num Noms obsession

I will admit to not really knowing what Num Noms were last November. Even googling “What are Num Noms?” when an email landed in my inbox asking if we would like to take part in a #NumNomsadvent. For all the other clueless parents out there, Num Noms are small collectible toys, each with their own name and scent! They all smell like different food items, some are delicious. Each Num Nom also comes with either an ink stamp or a lip gloss (gloss-up). The stamp or gloss is known as a “Num” and the scented character is known as the “Nom”. Yes I googled that explanation!

Num Noms obsession

Having never had Num Noms before the boys were pretty excited when a large box arrived full of wrapped goodies. It was great for them to have an alternative advent. Every morning I was pounced on by two very excited boys asking if they could open a new package.


I thought the boys would open a different Num or a Nom a day and wasn’t expecting whole sets and other themed Christmas gifts.  The Num Noms advent box was put together for bloggers but if your children are Num Noms obsessed you could easily make one yourself. They also enjoyed the design a Num Nom sheets, scented stickers, sweets and popcorn. 


 The boys particularly liked the mystery surprise boxes, the suspense opening them was their favourite. Sniffing the Num Noms and deciding which ones they liked the smell of and setting the motorised ones off for Ava to giggle at were our mornings throughout December.



IMG_7081 (1)

At the end of December we received a special package which contained one of the new Num Noms lights mystery pack. Finlay absolutely loves this one and it’s been taken to School to show to his friends and is kept in pride of place. He saw some in the shop the other day when he was with his Dad and excitedly told me when he saw me. His little face was so pleased as he’s desperate to get another lights one. So I now have a Num Noms obsessed little boy, even the 9 year old likes them. If I’m honest I quite like them too, especially the unicorn ones!




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  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Wow spoilt rotten with num-noms. Our children love them too x

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