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Summer Sales Wants – All under £22

summer sales wantssummer sales wants

Anyone else try and minimise their clothes spending habit? Hiding deliveries and saying thing like, oh this, I’ve had it for ages! Sales shopping is one of my fave things to do, as it makes it easier to justify my clothes spending habit to myself and others, ie James. It was all a bargain! I will declare, at the pile of deliveries all over the bed. 

There are plenty of summer sales on at the moment which means bargains to be had and my online shopping baskets are full of gorgeous items. I may have had a couple of deliveries in the last week.  Ok, ok, I definitely did make a few orders and they all arrived whilst I was away for the weekend to, you guessed it, James! who was less than impressed at the pile of bags accumulating in the hallway. So of course, when I explained what a bargain they all were, he was fine (ok this isn’t true!) 

However, the constant hot weather is making me expand my summer wardrobe somewhat, so I’m hoping it lasts or I will be wearing sundresses in the rain! 

Here are some of my favourites for the hot weather at the moment. All for £21 and under 

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