Building a Sustainable Workout Program and Sticking to It

Most people resolve to start a workout program, but they hardly stick to it. You’re reading this probably because you’ve been a victim of a botched exercise regime. You’re looking for ways to create a solid strategy that will run into the long-term.

Fortunately, experts have realized that many people are searching for a routine that they can stick to. They say that exercise doesn’t have to be complicated; neither does it have to be expensive. You don’t need to buy gym clothes or join a gym to maintain an active lifestyle.

 They’re also quick to note that there’s no single workout that can be classified as the best. What’s important is that you’re comfortable with the activities you choose to do. It could be anything from yoga or walking to swimming. 

Before you create a workout program, there are some basics to consider. Sustainability should be the end goal of establishing a routine.  

Your Physical Condition

Sometimes, people can’t stick through a fitness program because it does them more harm than good. Moderate activities, like brisk walking, are generally safe for most people. However, they may not be ideal for people with chronic health conditions.

 As such, you need to check with your health provider first. If there’s any worrying aspect of your health, consult your doctor. A physician is in a better place to advise you than most resources you find online.

Consider How Much Exercise You Need

The U.S. Department of Health suggests that adults should get 150 minutes of exercise weekly. That time can be broken down into 30 minutes, five days a week. However, these don’t have to be a continuous block but can be broken into three different sessions during the day.

How to Get Started

The overall goal is to have 30 minutes of exercise every day, especially if you’ve been sedentary for long. As a guide, consider starting low and progress slowly. This means starting with an activity that isn’t so intense and gradually increasing the intensity.

 Some recommendable fun exercises that you can start with include:

 Resources like can also be a source of inspiration for you.

How to Keep Up With a Routine

You’ve so far overcome the hard part of getting started and picking your activities. The next bit is the hard one; maintaining a routine. Most people complain that they don’t have enough time to exercise, but this is just an excuse they can overcome. Here’s how:

  1.   Create a specific goal: what do you want to achieve in your fitness routine and by when? This should be broken down into short-term tasks that give you concrete tasks to work towards. However, tasks that extend into months may not qualify as short-term.
  2.   Keep a work journal where you document your progress and achievements.
  3.   Be open to challenges that may set you back once in a while. Have a backup plan to help you handle them.
  4.   Don’t rely on internal motivation to work out as it rarely lasts long.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a regular workout regime is an uphill task for many people. However, if you’re determined, it’s possible to create one and stick to it. Choose activities that you consider fun to do, and each day commit at least 10 minutes to them. Once a habit is established, it’ll be hard to break it. 

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