What I Eat In A Day As A Busy Mum With So Shape

I’ve been using So Shape products for a month now and feel like I can share with you exactly how I have found using them. But I will let you into a little secret, I haven’t been using them for weight loss, although they are well-known for helping with that. I have instead been incorporating the quick and easy So Shape products into my diet as an addition to, or an alternative to the usual. If you are a busy parent looking for healthy, quick meals and food, or trying to hit protein goals with working out, then read on.     

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So who are So Shape?

So Shape are a French brand with a smart meal system that is a tried and tested system for weight loss. They have a range of meals and shakes, each of which are vegetarian, gluten free, GMO free and nutritionally balanced. They are a friendly and transparent company with a focus on healthy being fun.

So Shape don’t just have the smart meals they also have Smart Food.

“We truly think that a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle you must love! So we spent 2 years transforming the sugary and fatty foods that we all like into clever “Smart Food” products that are good for us! Zero sugar, zero bad fat, enriched in protein, high in fibre and without some allergens.”


So Shape Smart Food

Along with the shakes I have tried out the chocolate muesli, pancakes, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate mug cakes and the chocolate chips. 

If you want to see how I have been incorporating them into my daily diet I have made a video.

The chocolate Muesli is probably the biggest hit in our house as James has been stealing it and it’s the item I would be most likely to purchase regularly. The mini chocolate chips make it feel like a treat despite the fact that a 30g serving provides 7.4g of protein, 8g of fibre and only 0.4g sugar.

The mug cake has been another favourite of mine. I tend to have one of these at those moments where I would otherwise reach for the chocolate or a biscuit. At only 78 calories but containing 9.5g of protein it’s also a great way to hit protein goals if you are trying to reach them.

I loved the chocolate muffins as they are super easy to cook, even for a Pinterest fail person like me. Baking 4 at a time means that I can store the others for the rest of the week. The kids like them too and it is nice to be able to give them a healthier chocolate treat. (95cals, 0.08g sugar and 9.7g of protein per muffin)

So Shape Shakes

The shakes are very easy to make, mixing a sachet with 350ml of cold water and shaking in the bottle you are provided with. Each sachet is nutritionally equivalent to a chicken breast, four oranges, two cups of mushrooms and half an avocado – which is fab. I would much rather have a shake that tastes like caramel than eat mushrooms or avocado. I know, I know, how can I even be on Instagram if I don’t like Avocado?!

They have a huge range of choices of flavours. With my favourite being cookies and cream, chocolate and sea salt caramel. I didn’t find them as lumpy as some of the protein shakes I have tried in the past which was a plus for me.

I also found that even when I had one not as an extra, but as a quick and easy breakfast during the morning rush, that I wasn’t hungry or lacking energy in the morning. The bottle you are provided with’s lid does go against your nose as you drink, so just make sure if you are drinking a chocolate one, you check you aren’t spending your morning walking around with a chocolate nose! 

As I didn’t use the products as part of a challenge I can’t comment on their effectiveness for weight loss. But if you were to do it, the idea is that the So Shape shakes and meals replace two of you meals during the day. The spicy bolo was the only meal one that I tried and I found it looked and tasted more appetising if it was cooked on the hob rather than in a microwave. 


If you would like to try out So Shape for yourself enter the code:  MUMMYCUSTOM

This code allows you to get TWO TIMES more flavours on 14 and 28-day Challenges  




8 responses to “What I Eat In A Day As A Busy Mum With So Shape”

  1. I just saw this on Insta. These shakes look a great idea if you’re busy and struggle to prepare meals x

  2. I’ve not heard of this before. It sounds great for incorporating into your busy life and everyone loves a mug cake!

  3. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I haven’t heard of this before but it sounds really interesting. I am battling to lose weight at the minute and I really want to give something like this a try.

  4. These look great and I love the idea of the drinks as an afternoon boost

  5. I’m really keen to try these because my depression has led to some disastrous life choices such as not eating well and not exercising. I’m not putting pressure on myself to lose weight quickly as I only have a stone to lose, but I’m really wanting to sort my general health and well-being out because I know that will help my mental health too xx

  6. Linda Hobbis says:

    I love the idea of the mug cake. Sometimes you just need a treat and if it’s a healthier option then so much the better.

  7. Thee3 sound fab – especially the healthy treats!

  8. ourlittleescapades says:

    A mug cake that I can class as healthy! I need this in my life :0)

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