IBS And Probiotics – Do They Help?

IBS, if you suffer from it, do you talk about it? It’s one of those taboo subjects isn’t it. But really it should be something we can talk about because when things aren’t quite normal what do you do? I have IBS, after being tested for numerous things the doctor just said ‘oh it’s probably a little bit of IBS’ and that was that. I know my tummy reacts to my anxiety, but not only that, certain foods can trigger it too. A recent restaurant visit and a creamy pasta left my poor tummy grumbling and cramping for the rest of the day. And don’t get me started on the days where I look like I’m about 5 months pregnant! 

I’ve tried avoiding certain foods, drinking more water, having less stress in my life, practising yoga etc but I still get the bloats, the sore cramps and to be honest it’s not only just annoying, it can be pretty miserable and embarrassing too. So recently I’ve added something else to see if it can help, ProVen Probiotics.

The ProVenProbiotics Adult Acidophilus and Bifidus 25 billion (RRP £13.95 for 30 capsules) contain 25 billion friendly bacteria (Lab4 – the most studied group of friendly bacteria in the UK) per two capsules. They are proven to colonise the human intestine and have been shown to help with bloating, IBS and support the gut following a course of antibiotics. They also contain calcium, vitamins C and D, zinc and selenium to help support digestion and immunity. 

It’s recommended that they be taken for between 1-4 months depending on personal need, I’m currently a few weeks in to my trial.

Have I noticed a difference?

Yes, I’m pleased to say I have. The first few days of taking them I felt a little uncomfortable but I’m not sure if that’s just because I was thinking about how my tummy was feeling. By the middle of the second week I was definitely noticing less bloating. Most evenings you can hear my tummy gurgling and groaning from the other sofa and I’m not aware of it as much now. 

Of course it’s difficult to say whether this is purely down to the ProVen or not, but it’s given me enough encouragement and improvement to want to continue the trial. I’m really hopeful that they’ll continue to help and I will see a long term improvement.

Probiotics For All The Family

ProVen have a huge range of probiotic products suitable for everyone from birth whether breast or bottle fed. And so as not to be left out the three kids have been having some too. 

Ava was sent ProVen Probiotics For Toddlers (12 months – 4 years) and the timing was perfect with her not long being out of hospital after being treated with IV antibiotics. I know that antibiotics can unsettle and strip out all the good bacteria, so she has been having a dose too. It comes as a berry flavoured powder. With 5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria per two scoops and it also contains multivitamins and prebiotic fibre. The only friendly bacteria with 100% NRV of all 13 essential vitamins specifically developed for toddlers. 

It took me a while to figure out that she would happily have it, without turning her nose up, in her porridge. So hopefully it will now help to reverse some of the antibiotic damage.  

The boys have been having the ProVen Probiotics Acidophilus & Bifidus with Multivitamins for Children which provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance of all 13 essential vitamins, together with 2.5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria per chewable tablet. Helping to support everyday wellbeing and nutrition for children. They are blackcurrant flavour and the boys seem to be ok with taking them. 

Coming to the end of our family ProVen Probiotic Trial, it’s definitely something I will continue using with myself and the family.

Proven Probiotics are available from Boots, Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

6 responses to “IBS And Probiotics – Do They Help?”

  1. I’m fortunate not to suffer from IBS but have friends who do so know how awful it can be. I’m glad you’ve found something that helps and controls the symptoms better than before, hopefully it continues!

  2. This sounds good and I often suffer from bloating, usually after something high in carbs so these might be worth trying

  3. I really want to get some antibiotics for Little. She has food intolerances and I think antibiotics would help her poor digestive tract

  4. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I really do worry about the issues caused by antibiotics – I will have to look in to these for my family.

  5. Good to know and especially good that the children can be included too. I hope you continue to feel more settled with taking these!

  6. I’ve known so many people suffering from this so I know how awful it can be. So good that there is something on the market to help and that it’s working for you 🙂

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