4 Ways to Create the Best Snug

A “snug” is defined as a cosy and intimate room in a house, often full of soft furnishings, and low lights. It’s a good place to retreat to after a long day of dealing with the world outside your home. 

A snug room is also beneficial for children (and adults!) with sensory processing issues, as it can be a space to retreat to.

create the best snug

Here are 4 ways to create the best snug room in your home and bring a little Hygge into your house.

Low Lighting

To achieve the ultimate atmospheric glow you need, you might want to consider opting for dimmable switches, or tinted bulbs for your snug.

You can choose from dimmable spotlights, table lamps with exposed amber-tinted bulbs, or sconces that will cast the light up the walls and away from the eyes.

You can find wonderfully quirky lamps and bulbs through retailers like Rockett St George, who boast some of the most innovative designs in the furniture market.

Squashy Furniture

Squashy furniture is a must if you want to create the best snug, and particularly if you have a member of your family with sensory difficulties, softer materials are usually well-received.

You might also want to make some swaps to your standard furniture choices to make the room layout even comfier. For example, you could ditch a traditional sofa for oversized bean bags, or even purchase larger floor cushions to give the room a more informal, sleepy air.

Alternatively, you could purchase a sofa bed, load it up with soft blankets and memory foam pillows, and voila! You have the perfect afternoon nap spot.

Choose Warm Colours

For the perfect snug, choose a warm colour palette that will complement the warm tones from your lights. You might want to consider colours like wine red, dark blue, or dark green to really tap into that cosy colour scheme.

Thinking about upgrading your carpets with a luxury, soft saxony style to increase your room’s cosiness and warmth? Online suppliers like Carpet Warehouse offer a huge variety of colour options too, with free samples available so you can match them to your room’s décor before committing.

You could even match your accessories to an accented wall, with pillows, lampshades and throws to match.

To explore the colours that are most likely to fit with your snug vision, you can use Dulux’s Online Colour Chart to find a shade that makes your heart sing.

Books, Books and More Books!

Nothing makes a room feel cosier than a bookcase full of books, so if you’re a bookworm, it may be a good idea to dig out your boxes of books and display them proudly in your snug on shelves or in bookcases.

You can buy bookcases and shelves from retailers, but why not use reclaimed scaffolding boards and build your own? This is an eco-friendly alternative, and you may find that scaffolding boards make wonderfully rugged bookshelves for a rustic feel in your snug. Use online marketplaces like eBay to find bundles of scaffolding wood for a bargain price..

Do you have any suggestions for who to create the best snug? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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