How to Create a Great First Impression of Your Home


If you’re looking to welcome guests or would-be buyers into your home, then first impressions count for a great deal. Even if the upstairs and garden is spectacular, a ropey-looking porch and hallway isn’t going to be easily forgotten. As such, it’s important that steps are taken to create a great first impression of your home and make it feel welcoming.

Keep your Hallway Tidy

If the first thing you encounter upon entering the building is a mountain of clutter, then this is likely to reflect poorly on the entire home. Having loose items scattered everywhere will make the space seem chaotic, and often smaller. But if you’ve got kids, then they might have already decided that it’s okay to dump shoes and belongings by the doorway.

Shoe racks and other space-saving hallway furniture from the Cotswold Company will help you to keep this problem under control.

Choose the Right Front Door

No-one is likely to be impressed by a front door whose paint is peeling and whose hinges are coming loose. Investing in a substantial, new front door with modern snap-proof locks will improve not only the aesthetics of your home, but the security, too.

Light your Porch

Dressing your porch appropriately will ensure that your front door looks the part, even at night-time. If you opt for efficient, modern LED bulbs for your lighting, then you’ll find that everything looks that little bit brighter and more compelling. You needn’t make things excessively bright, but you can go for multiple light-sources to make things as even as possible.

Create the Right Scent

If you walk through the front door and you’re met with a delicious smell, then you’re likely to form a favourable impression of the entire building. That’s why so many of us swear by slow cookers, which infuse the interior with a never-ending waft of curry, casserole or stew. Of course, the classic trick employed by those selling their homes is the smell of baked bread, but you can go a little bit subtler with an air freshener in the hallway.

Take Advantage of Plants 

Another reliable way to make your interior more aromatic is with the help of a few potted plants. These will not just affect the air quality, however; they’ll also make things look nicer. You can go for hanging baskets around the front porch, as well as potted plants in the hallway.

Create a Sense of Space

The bigger that your entranceway looks, the better. That’s why the addition of a strategically-placed mirror can have such a dramatic impact! Go for something sizeable and framed, and hang it beside the door. Not only will a mirror enlarge the space: it’ll also allow you to give yourself a final once-over before you head out for the day.

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