Make An Autumn Leaf Tealight Holder

Embracing the season change is a great way of staying present and getting over those end of the summer blues. We have been busy making Autumn Tealight Holders that really help bring the Autumn in to your home. It’s also a great way of getting outside and looking for those interesting shaped leaves. 

Autumn Leaf Tealight Holder



  1. Collect the leaves and Autumn objects you wish to use. Makes sure they are dry but not too crispy.
  2. Glue each item onto a sheet of tracing paper using BLU Stick*. This allows you to smooth them out and place them easier.
  3. Next make your glue solution by mixing together 2 parts PVA glue*, 1 part water, together in a bowl.
  4. Tear a few sheets of tracing paper into squares and start to layer them onto your object, sticking each one down with a layer of glue.
  5. Repeat till your object is covered in two layers of tracing paper.
  6. Then cut up your Autumn leaves and glue them onto your object.
  7. Finish it off by adding another layer of tracing paper over the top of the leaves, making sure there are no thin bits left.
  8. Leave it to dry.
  9. Once it is fully dry, using a damp knife you can loosen it off your object.

Note — You could make these into a hanging lantern by using a round shaped object like a bowl to create the shape, piercing the top and then hanging it with twine.




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