What Kind Of Fabric Can Be Used For Bed Headboards

Admit it, we just love our beds. The texture, the softness, and the coziness of the fabrics from every aspect of it are just mesmerizing. However, have you ever thought of making your bedrooms and beds aesthetically and pleasing while improving their purpose? We bet you did not.

Practically, headboards for beds were invented to keep your pillows and sheets in place, and also serve as a comfortable space between your wall and your bed more than just the aesthetics. Headboards can be made of wood and upholstered, and can also be covered with fabric for a more casual look.

What fabrics can we use to improve the use and appearance of our headboards? Worry no more, we got you.


Velvet upholstery fabric on headboards can both improve your bedroom’s atmosphere as well as your sleep. This type of fabric is usually woven in a way that your upholstered headboards can feel soft, smooth, and silky at the same time. Upholstered velvet headboards usually have paddings, so it’s more comfortable for your head when sleeping and even great when you decide to watch TV while sitting on your bed.

Velvet fabrics are also good with intensifying colour. It makes coloured velvets more revealing while being pleasant to the eyes. It’s not too bright nor too dark thus giving an elegant and luxurious look to your beds. It also has a lot of varieties ranging from cotton to silk velvet. To add more of its unique character, velvet can also have beautiful patterns and patches, very much pleasing to the eyes.

Who can resist sliding their fingers through a smooth and luxurious piece of velvet headboard, right?


Chenille is also a good fabric for headboards due to its smooth and bouncy look. The surface of this fabric is heavily knitted and woven to achieve a chunky yet textured appearance, unlike velvet. It gives out a cosy and comfortable feeling because it also had added padding to give out the best comfort for the consumers.

Just like velvet, chenille fabric can also have patterns and can be coloured according to your preference. Its textured surface also brings out the crisp ambience among all soft fabrics in your bedroom. Chenille is also budget-friendly and is competitively cheaper than velvet.


If you want a classy and vintage look for your headboards, leather is a great fabric to top it all. Leather ages well and does not need high maintenance as it is resistant to water and stains. Leather is also a good cold conductor. If you want your headboards to somehow feel cool and have a classic touch between the space of your head and the wall, then leather might be just for you.

Leather can also provide a smooth and plush feeling for your bedrooms. In this way, you would also feel luxurious in the comforts of your own bedroom. Leather will always be classy. 

These are just a few of the best fabrics to level up your headboards. Your bedroom is a gateway to serenity, so why not make your beds better and enjoy the comfort it provides after a long day.

If you like sitting in your bed like it’s a lazy day every day, always choose a fabric that strong, thick, and durable. You also need to remember to get the one with the soft and plush texture. Your bedroom should always have that comfy feel in order to experience the cosiness that you deserve. So what stops you to upholster your headboards?

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