6 Simple Ways To Embrace Autumn This Year

Autumn always makes me want to start hibernating! After months of no heating, not having to wear socks and spending hours outside enjoying the warmth and feeling of the sun on my face, it always comes as a bit of a shock. As soon as the nights start to draw in it’s like a little switch goes off and I start to dream of cosy blankets and reading by open fires. It’s no secret that I love summer and would be happiest floating around in dresses and sandals all year but I’m making more of an effort to find ways to embrace Autumn to see if it helps.

ways to embrace autumn

Here are the ways to embrace Autumn that I have found useful; 

Getting my wardrobe Autumn ready

I start switching over my wardrobe around now, but before packing away all my lovely summer dresses and making myself miserable, I try to plan some transitional outfits with them. Layering cardigans, jumpers and even adding tights with my heeled ankle boots so that I can keep wearing my favourite pieces. 

I do love getting out old favourites and rehanging them in the wardrobe. It can create the feeling that you are wearing something new without having to actually buy anything. However, the start of a new season is always a good chance to go through your wardrobe and look for any gaps. Knitwear and boots for women are the key pieces for this season. If you have the right boots you can elevate any outfit and keep your feet cosy at the same time. Once you have identified your gaps you can shop with purpose, don’t forget to check out places like Vinted and independent vintage sellers. 

Getting cosy

Now is a perfect time to start making your home all cosy and inviting. Add textures like Chunky Knitted Blankets on the sofa and rugs, to help create a feeling of warmth. You can increase the Autumn vibes by burning some scented candles, think spiced apple and cinnamon or spiced pumpkin, my favourite!

Autumn evenings are made for wrapping up in a cosy blanket by candlelight, or by a fire if you are lucky enough to have one. I can’t wait to snuggle up with a good book!

Stomping in the leaves

Spend some time outside now before it gets too cold! One of our favourite things to do in Autumn is to have a long walk in the woods. The changing colours make the place look beautiful, so it’s great for some Autumn photos, especially in the morning with low-lying mist. Crunch through the leaves, collect conkers and splash in puddles together. 

Drinking a pumpkin-spiced latte

Swap your Frappuccino, or iced coffee, for a spicy latte. My absolute favourite is the pumpkin spiced latte, other brands are available of course! There’s something warming and comforting about enjoying a little treat after a blustery walk, or standing at the sidelines on a weekend morning. Just remember your reusable coffee cup!

Digging out the slow cooker

Our Slow Cooker gets shoved to the back of the cupboard during summer, when we favour salads over stews, especially when it is hot. But now it’s the ideal time to find your favourite recipes and remember how time-saving the magic of a slow cooker is. Comfort food is back on the menu!

And Finally…….

Tuning into the transformation

Autumn happens only once a year, and if you’re not paying attention, you just might miss it! Autumn is one of the best seasons for being present as so much is changing all around you. So notice the changing colours, feel the air getting colder and enjoy the time spent indoors getting cosy in the evening. 

And Autumn means you can buy little mini pumpkins and if that isn’t a reason to like it, I don’t know what is!

ways to embrace autumn

Do you have any more ways to embrace Autumn? I would love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love this! I need to get into the spirit a bit more but the sunshine isn’t helping me get into it yet if you see what I mean. I wish I drinked lattes as i love the sound of the autumnal flavours! And do you know what – I’ve never thought to take up the rugs in the summer months to then pop them back down in autumn but I’m totally doing it next year!!!

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