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I’m very late with my May LittleLoves, but I didn’t want to completely miss it out, so here it is!

May was beautiful, with all the sunshine and flowers and my Instagram completely reflects that with bluebells, blossom and wisteria! We also managed to have not one, but three, BBQ’s, beating the total amount we had in the whole of last years summer, I think!


What a gorgeous couple of days! It’s like the weather is trying to apologise for the rubbish winter, I’ve not forgiven it yet though! I hope you are having a good bank holiday? We’ve had a day in the garden, with a bbq and strawberry cider! Then today we spent with family having lunch, picnic blankets, blossom and finding a stall selling Aperòl Spritz! In other words a pretty perfect couple of days. Not to mention the fact I actually feel on top of the never ending clothes washing (yes to being able to hang clothes outside!) I couldn’t resist capturing an Instagram cliche pic today! [ #dresslikeamum #styleover30 #fashionover30 #strawbag #blossom #mamastyle #littleloves #lifecloseup #springblooms #bankholidayweekend #myhappycapture #fashionblogger ]

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Ava insisted on wearing this dress yesterday when we went to the bluebell wood. I tried telling her she would be too hot and it would get dirty, but it was either, take her in it, or never actually get there. But it has made for a nice picture so it all worked out ok! I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts today for no particular reason so I’m hoping a good nights sleep and I will be feeling a little happier tomorrow. What do you do to help if you are having an anxious/down day? #lifecloseup #littleloves #myhappycapture #littlefierceones #lovelyairylove #bluebells #bluebellwood #ofquietmoments #theslowdowncollective #borntovoyage

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These are such a comfy pair of trousers! I LOVE them! The bag however is too small for my iPhone which makes it kind of unusable, very annoying! Especially as I thought I had got a bargain copy off eBay, waited weeks for it and then discovered the problem. So I ordered the original from Asos and had the same problem. I’ve sent the Asos one back, the one from China I will just keep but probably never use as I don’t think I ever go anywhere without my phone! Oh and there was minimal difference between the two bags apart from the fact one is £20 cheaper! [ #summerstyle #palazzopants #summerbag #circlebag #croppedtrousers #mamastyle #whatmamaworemonday #dresslikeamum #styleover30 #fashionover30 #fashionblogger #wisteria #saltwatersandals ]

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We also started changing our bedroom to make it a little nicer than it was. I featured on Laura Ashley’s blog post – Bedroom Design Tips From Our Bloggers , talking about ways to create a calmer environment with lighting. I can’t wait to share with you the before and afters.


I started and finished ‘One Click‘ which is a really great read, I couldn’t put it down! I met the author, the lovely Andrea, when I was visiting Martinhal in Portugal. If you like psychological thrillers you should definitely check it out. 


Have you read this one? It’s brilliant, I couldn’t put it down! I met the lovely and fantastic author @officemum when I was in Portugal with Martinhal. As soon as she described her newest book to me I knew I would love it! A psychological thriller it will really make you think about your online life! I’ve now just ordered her first book and Andrea, hope you are getting on well with your 3rd! This isn’t an add, I just wanted you share a fab find with you all! #oneclick #fashionover30 #styleover30 #mamastyle #lifecloseup #littleloves #whatmamaworemonday #whatimreading #ofquietmoments #theslowdowncollective

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The Split! A fab 6 part BBC drama based on modern marriage and divorce. If you haven’t watched it yet, add it to your list!


This outfit; 


Well the blue sky here definitely helped this morning when I actually got up and did my hour workout when the alarm went off. Day 1 of 80 days done 👍🏻 It’s been a really mixed day today (watch my stories) and I’m looking forward to sitting down in a bit and meal planning for the next week. I love making a meal plan, do you? Ps this wisteria is on my house 💖 [ #lifecloseup #littleloves #myhappycapture #fitafterkids #80dayobsession #whatmamaworemonday #styleover30 #fashionover30 #fashionblogger #mamastyle #dresslikeamum ]

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Ava was also sent some gorgeous outfits from The Essential One. The outfits were such lovely quality and design. They currently have a sale on, so be quick!


This girl 💖 I’m very aware at the moment how quickly she is growing and changing and I’m trying to memorise all the little cute things that she does. Her speech is really starting to become more understandable now and although we still have a long way to catch up it’s such a relief! It’s so lovely seeing her be able to join in with other children and one of her favourite things to do is sing. She’s always singing little songs and is even singing to herself in this picture from the beach the other day. She also really knows her mind, especially when it comes to what she wears. The lovely dress she is wearing is now one of her favourites and I have to agree with her taste! We were sent it from @theessentialone Swipe right to see more detailing #Ad [#littleloves #lifecloseup #littlefierceones #borntovoyage #lovelyairylove e #toddlerstyle #pbloggersuk #cherisheverymoment #myhappycapture #mumsofinstagram #mumswithcameras ]

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And Lastly ….  

I’m running a giveaway to win the gorgeous Boudavida outfit I am wearing in the photos below. I started The 80 Day Obsession in May and am now half way through and with working out 6 days a week I need all the gym gear!

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