Bringing Hygge into our home with the help of Desenio

We’ve been trying to bring some Hygge into our home and make it feel more comfortable and cosy, a place we are happy to spend time in as a family. But how do you express your style when you rent? It can be difficult, especially when you can’t change much of the decor. So we have been focusing on furnishings and temporary changes. In the summer we bought a new light grey sofa, replacing a black one and it instantly brightened the room. We have slowly been adding blush pink accessories to go with it, a throw, cushions and candles and the colours just ooze calm together. We have also found that by placing a few well-chosen prints on the wall, you can change the whole feeling of a room or a hallway. In the lounge we had a really blank white wall that I though would be perfect for a picture gallery. I wanted to bring the grey and blush pink from the furnishings in the room on to the wall and found the perfect posters from Desenio to do this.

Desenio posters on a white wall

Posters: Pink Feathers, Girl Silhouette & See What Happens

Our hallway is magnolia, a paint colour which should be banned in my opinion! We decided to add hanging copper light fittings with vintage bulbs to try and bring it a bit more in to a current trend. And to detract some more from the colour of the walls I opted for copper frames to put two prints into. We already have a large Buddha canvas in the hallway, so to go with the theme I chose this perfect pair. I particularly love the saying, it’s well placed near the front door as a reminder when I’m in a rush and anxious to not follow those thoughts. 









Print Pair: Feelings & Catch The Wave

I’ve chosen another pair of posters from Desenio for the study which we are in the process of putting together. The room has white, black and grey, so I’m planning on putting these two prints into black frames and place them onto a white photo shelf. I think this pair are my favourite and the saying makes me smile every time I see it! 


                                          Posters: Strelitzia Leaf & Nice Butt 


I have been really impressed with the quality of the posters from Desenio, they are great value and I’m so pleased with the finished results. 

If you have a blank wall or a hallway you want to add some posters to – The code “mummyandmonkeys” gives 25% off posters* between 27th February – 1st March. 
*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.


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