Create A Cosy Hygge Home Today

When you walk through your front door do your shoulders drop as you exhale? Or are you so busy thinking about the things you need to do and clean and tidy, that you are unable to relax and enjoy your family? If so then part of the problem may be your surroundings. You need a cosy Hygge home. 

Stop and take a look around your home. How do you feel when you take in your space? Do you feel warm and fuzzy, that cosy feeling, relaxed and safe?

If not, it is time to make some changes!

Your home should feel like your safe place. It should be where you are able to recharge. Be your family’s place to unwind and it should be a place where you look forward to coming back to.

I love to come home. Since making a few simple changes even when my house isn’t tidy, it still feels welcoming, safe and cosy. Before I even knew the word, I’ve always wanted what is described as a hygge home.

Before we get started, creating a hygge home is not:

Here are some simple and easy ways you can create a more cosy Hygge home today

Cosy up with soft furnishings

If you have solid wood flooring not only does it look beautiful, natural and feel great under your feet. It’s perfect to make cosy with rugs. You can also use blankets and throws you already have to make your home feel more warm. Preferably made from natural materials like wool! Place these over sofas and chairs to instantly create softness, then have a pile easily accessible to grab in the evenings, or whenever the mood takes you. 

In winter embrace the cold

You may be thinking, no way. Not going to happen. But I promise, if you spend the entire season focused on how you hate being cold and longing for the arrival of Spring, then winter is going to be pretty miserable, I know! So to embrace the cold! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace or a log burner, use it. There is nothing better than the sound of crackling wood and the glow from a fire in the evening as you snuggle up infront of it.

Get close to nature

Bring nature indoors with plants and flowers. Having some green in your house makes a big difference. I was awful for keeping plants alive but with some perseverance I now have quite a few. I also took cutting of flowers from the garden and placed them in glass jars n the summer for a rustic, natural look. 

Think about your lighting

Candles (all natural to avoid that chemical smell), fairy lights and spending some time making each rooms lighting feel right. You could try hanging some sting lights in the kitchen to make the lighting softer for meal times and cleaning up after. who says fairy lights are only for Christmas?!

Sit down to meals together 

I know it is hard to get everyone at the table at the same time, even more so if your table is inaccessible for you all. Have a look at how you could utilise space to enable you to all sit together. We have been making the effort to do this more and it has made a difference. We have been meal planning and using the slow cooker to make a healthy, fresh meal that we will all enjoy.The bonus is opening the front door to an amazing smell of cooking!

Be more present

Tap into gratitude by sharing one thing you have enjoyed about the day together, or write in a journal. It helps to balance the stress you may be feeling about what is happening outside your house in the larger World. 

Switch off your phone and have technology free hours. Scrolling through the news or social media does nothing for your mindset and it does nothing for togetherness! Instead play board games together, listen to music or read a book curled up under a soft blanket with the candles burning. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it!

Creating a cosy, Hygge home doesn’t have to be hard. You can make your home feel more hygge today just by moving some things around and being more purposeful. 

Embracing Hygge is about simplifying life. Being aware of a good moment and stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures. Definitely a way of life I want more of. 

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