Introducing Soji Towel

I love a clean, soft towel but it’s hard to find one where the fluffy, new towel feeling stays. Soji towel is a self-cleaning and silver-infused bamboo towel that promises to be the softest and cleanest towel ever made.

Soji eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, allergens, and more on contact. The Soji towel has been a year in development and the line consists of bath towels and hand towels (in a slightly larger size than regular ones) woven with antimicrobial silver. 

Why antimicrobial silver? Real silver fibres eliminate 99.9% of microbial life and prevent it from replicating. Soji is guaranteed to be sterile for every use, even without regular washing. Because towel odours are caused by mould and bacteria, Soji will remain odour-free for life. Silver also renders the towel completely hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin and sinuses. It has also been shown to reduce wrinklesand age lines by promoting skin elasticity. Silver can reduce inflammation, a common cause of acne, skin discolouration, and dermatitis.

The towels are made from Bamboo which threads which are recognised as softer than even the best quality cotton or linen. Bamboo fiber is ultra-fine and translates roughly to “fluffy, cloud-like heaven.”

Soji towels are hyper-absorbent which means that users will be able to dry off faster after a bath or shower whilst helping to prevent wet and slippery floors. Soji itself also dries 3 times faster than other towels thanks to its breathable open air-weave technology.

Just like a normal towel, the Soji towel can be machine washed, even at a high temperature, the towels won’t lose its softness.

If you are looking for clean towels without the continuous washing, you can support Soji and pre-order your set of gorgeous 5 star resort quality Soji towels at

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