Madmen love and boardroom etiquette

I love having Netflix and Amazon Prime, I’ve gone from watching regular television most days to hardly ever watching it. It’s great being able to binge watch series and getting totally immersed in them. It does have it’s draw backs though, making you go to bed late and losing whole weekends to it (when we didn’t have Ava) being some of them. I knew I was watching too much of The Walking Dead when I started having Zombie dreams, really vivid ones that would have me waking up in a sweat. Watching a series like this is a bit like reading a book, you don’t have to wait for the next chapter if you don’t want to. We’ve recently been watching MadMen and I love everything about the era that it’s set in. The 60s has always fascinated me and when I was younger I went through a phase of liking the music and still like the style of clothes. It must have been a pretty cool time to be alive and to experience. When we first watched MadMen I was kind of shocked at the smoking and drinking in the office. That just wouldn’t happen now, in fact I’m pretty sure you would be in some kind of trouble for smoking and having a whisky in your office. It’s not been that long since the smoking ban and already it seems like it was so long ago. When I was younger I would come back from being out on a Saturday night and the next day my whole room would stink from the smoke on my clothes and in my hair. The not being able to get hold of people quickly either, I just can’t imagine it and I didn’t have a mobile phone till I was a teenager so it’s not like I’ve always grown up being used to it. I can remember signing up for a Hotmail and then Yahoo email account when I first launched, I was in Secondary School and it is my name without any numbers or symbols!  

It got me thinking about what else has changed since the 60s. Calibre have created this cartoon infographic showing the changes in Boardroom etiquette over the years.


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  1. Fridgesays says:

    Ohhh thought provoking and you’re right, human interaction is changing – some for better and I guess some for worse…like I hated my room and clothes smelling of smoke but clubs that smell of farts and sweat aren’t that pleasant either…

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