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March 25, 2018

Last week did not go to plan! If you read my Little Loves posts, I had planned to fit in as much work as possible as the kids are now off for three weeks between them, thanks to different Easter holidays. Then on Saturday poor Ava started with a fever and by Monday was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. Which was not only making her rather unwell, but it also highly contagious and a notifiable disease. So she didn’t go to pre school and my three weeks has now turned into four! I am pleased to say that she is definitely better again and we have our fingers firmly crossed that she gets a break from being ill now!

The extended time at home has however given me some time to think about what it is that makes me happy. Not other people or material things, you can’t rely on them for your own happiness, but the real things that make me smile and how I can make sure there is more of that in my day to day life. Which is one of the reasons why I’m being spontaneous (like I used to) and decided very last minute to head off for a little break with the kids tomorrow. 


I’m still reading the The Witch Finder’s Sister I haven’t read that much this week, but I’m hoping to have plenty of time in the evenings on our little glamping trip next week. 


The Americans, it’s so good! Set in the 70’s it follows a couple of Russian spies in the KJB and the FBI who live closely intertwined. We’ve watched most of the first series and are loving it!


I’ve been listening to podcasts recently and The Balance Blonde Soul On Fire is really positive and inspiring. If you are looking for something like that, check it out. 


It into London for a #PressForGin evening with Brockmans, despite Ava being ill, thanks to my lovely Mum and Dad who babysat for us. You can read my full write up of it. but if you are a Gin lover keep your eyes peeled for their next event, it was so much fun and was a sell out!

We also went to the opening of Dino World at Paradise Park yesterday. The kids loved it so much and asked to go back again today so it was definitely a hit. If you are looking for a great Family Day Out then definitely check it out. I will have a full review up of it soon. 


This outfit; 


Well last night was a little different to the norm as we went to a #pressforgin evening with @brockmansgin and it was so much fun! The mask was all part of the night! You can see more in my story highlights. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it as Ava’s been ill since Saturday. Luckily my lovely Mum and Dad still babysat for us. It’s been back to reality with a bump today as it turns out poor Ava has scarlet fever and can’t go anywhere as she’s contagious till she’s had so many doses of her antibiotics. She hasn’t been well enough to go out since she first got a fever so hopefully we haven’t spread it around too much. Would really like her to have a break from being ill now 🙁 the last couple of months have not been the best! [ #ginlover #whatmamaworemonday #styleover30 #fashionover30 #fashionblogger #mamastyle #dresslikeamum #lifecloseup #littleloves ]

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Mask: Given at the PressForGin event by Brockmans 

Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge

Boots: River Island

And Lastly ….

We are heading off to Caalm Camp in the morning for a few days. I’m going on my own with the kids as James is away, so wish me luck! Apart from that, I’m really looking forward to it, our first glamping experience!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That podcast sounds interesting! Will try and give that a listen.

    Have fun at Glamping x

  2. Loving that look and sound of the Press for Gin event with Brockmans! You look incredible in that gorgeous outfit too, wit woo! xx

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