Quiet Moments, Sun And Making My Own Gin #littleloves

This week has been full of love, sadness, shock, sun, tears and smiles. Such a huge range of emotions that I’m sure everyone has been feeling. After spending an amazing weekend at the beautiful, friendly city that is Manchester the events on Monday were such a shock. I’ve spent the last couple of days appreciating all the little things that are good in the World. The sun has definitely been helping. It always makes everything feel better, that and cuddles.


Nothing! I’m really awful at this one! I’m planning on actually having some time to read next week when we are on holiday though. Has anyone got any good suggestions?


In the line of Duty. We’ve been binge watching the first couple of series and are now onto series three. I have no idea how we haven’t watched it till now but wow it’s good. I can see why everyone was talking about it. The second series really had me on edge the whole time. 


A real mixture this week as I’ve been listening to old playlists I had made on Spotify. I’m currently loving a bit of Radiohead. I first listened to them on a cassette tape in my first ever car. Yes a recorded tape for those of you too young to remember the joy that was a cassette mix tape. I didn’t actually like Radiohead to start with and it took a while for them to   grow on me but I know listen to them quite a lot.


The big decision I was talking about. I handed my notice in at work and will be leaving teaching this summer. I’m going to be helping James with his business and focusing on the blog. I may even dip my toes in the water with a little social media management. I’m looking forward to being around more for the kids.

I also went to London last week and made my own gin at Portobello Road distillery. So much fun!


My summer clothes, finally! And Ava’s summer clothes are just too cute!

And Lastly ….

We go to Spain for a week on Tuesday and I cannot wait!

5 responses to “Quiet Moments, Sun And Making My Own Gin #littleloves”

  1. Jenny says:

    Huge huge congratulations on the putting your notice in and taking that step to do more with blogging and at home with the family babes that’s amazing. making your own gin count me in I am coming over for a try! Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. Helen says:

    Congratulations on handing in your notice, such an exciting journey ahead and I wish you all the success! I’m also a big Line of Duty fan and need to rewatch the first couple of series after watching the most recent one on tv 🙂 #LittleLoves

  3. RachelSwirl says:

    It must be so lovely to leave teaching in a positive light unlike me having to go through redundancy. Good luck to you for the future my love x

  4. Donna says:

    Have an amazing time in Spain – I cannot wait to hear all about it. I am so happy to weather is finally nicer and loving my summer wardrobe too x

  5. How exciting about your job, I bet you cannot wait to get started! Have a lovely time in Spain, I know I’ve already been away, but I’m still jealous haha xx

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