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Well last week was a first, I’ve never seen snow drifts like it before or experienced such dry snow. I found it really hard to concentrate on anything other than the weather, which lead to some rather unproductive snow days. I’m pretty glad to be back to normality this week and the rain today has pretty much got rid of all the snow. 


I finished  Everything I never Told You and actually really enjoyed it by the end. Now I need to decide which book to read next, do you have any suggestions?


We downloaded Now TV so that we could watch ‘Save Me’ last night we binge watched the first three episodes, it’s so good! I love a psychological thriller. 


On the way to London and back this week I decided to listen to one of the podcast recommendations I had been given ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno‘ It’s really laugh out loud funny which probably wasn’t the best choice to listen to on a crowded train. I was either trying not to laugh or grinning like a maniac so I probably looked like a right weirdo!


It to the top of the climbing wall. I went to Westway Climbing for a #girlswhoclimb event with Berghaus. I met the lovely Molly Thompson who is an olympic climber and at only 20 is a real inspiration for doing what you love. She started climbing at the age of 7 at the centre, so it was really great to see where her sporting career began. I also surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it after getting over the first climb, initial fear and it’s definitely something I would like to do again. 


Not the best picture, BUT I was at the top of a climbing wall, trying to balance and take a selfie with my phone, so I don’t think it’s too bad. At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to do more things that scare me. Since becoming a Mum I developed a bit of a fear of heights which I had never had before. So when @berghausofficial asked me if I wanted to go to @westway_climbing have a go and pick up some tips from @mollyts123 I thought why not. I was worried I might be a bit rusty as I haven’t done any climbing for years, but I did regret saying yes for a few minutes when looking at the height of the climbing walls. The first climb up, I wished I could have climbed it with my eyes shut, but I got to the top, leaned back and looked at the ground as I came back down. The second climb was a lot better and I found myself wanting to push a bit harder going on to trying a single colour on the way up and then a couple of trickier climbs. I actually really enjoyed it and climbing is definitely something I would like to do again. #ad #girlsthatclimb #climbwithberghaus #pushyourself #dosomethingthatscaresyou #lifecloseup #fitmum

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This outfit;

Earrings: New Look

Jumper: Pink Sorbet

And Lastly ….

I’ve made a video of the Spring buys I have been making in Primark. I would love you to check it out!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the snow made me really unproductive.
    I love your outfit, your nails are really pretty and I’m glad you said about Save Me. I downloaded it last night. Now need to find time to watch it xx

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