Sun, sea and sand #littleoves

This is my holiday edition of #littleoves we got back on Tuesday and I wish it hadn’t gone so fast. We stayed in a village called Mijas in southern Spain. I’ve been there before, many times but the beauty always amazes me. 


I read a whole book! The Girl in the Red Coat. It took a while to get going but I couldn’t put it down by the end. I enjoyed reading and it’s given me a kick up the bum to try and continue.


Nothing! We went out for meals, sat out with candles and wine instead of infront of the TV and it was lovely. I’ve really enjoyed having time to watch and join in with the kids having fun. 


It’s got to be Despacito, such a holiday song!


Not a lot apart from drinks around the pool. 


My bikini! I’ve gained a little body confidence recently after making more healthy food choices and starting an exercise regime. I’ve seen a lot of brilliant posts on Instagram around body confidence. Even though I’m a size 8 there are still parts of my body that I dislike. My stomach has paper think skin where I once had a small tummy button it is now all wrinkly. I have stretch marks and scars that remind me of my babies and losses too. But here it is completely un edited, a picture I don’t particularly like but one that is me.

And Lastly ….

I’m on the countdown to the summer holidays as it means I will no longer be a teacher and I can’t wait!

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  1. You look fantastic in your picture, but I know we all have bits about our bodies we aren’t comfortable with. Well done on being brave enough to put the photo out there, I’m not sure I would be able to. I don’t blame you for being on countdown, I am to leave my current job. 16 days to go! xx #LittleLoves

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