Take Care of Your Body in Winter

The winter can be a punishing time for your body. Cold dry weather, a lack of sunlight and of course, all the bugs and viruses that are circulating around, mean that you can feel and look a little run down. That is why winter is a time to really look after yourself, eating well, exercising and pampering yourself will help see you through to the spring months. Here are some tips on how to take care of your body in winter.

take are of your body in winter

Look After Your Health

If you are entitled to it, make sure to book for your winter flu vaccination. Don’t leave little illnesses to build up and become more serious, like that nagging sore ear you have in the cold. Look into ear wax removal to prevent any build-up which can cause pain and infections.

Laser Hair Removal

(http://laserclub.co.uk)  – did you know women can spend, on average 2 months of their lives shaving? Plus, spending over £3000 on razors. Ouch. By Starting laser hair removal this Winter, you could be hair-free by the coming summer. Imagine no more prickly legs at night, no more shaving rashes, no more razor buying, no more ingrown hairs—just super smooth skin.

A Winter Warm-Up

Mornings can be a bit of a slog in the winter months, and to help you get ready for the day ahead, try employing a quick stretching routine when you first get out of bed. A gentle yoga routine, such as a sun salutation, gets the blood pumping and acts as a real winter warm-up. Plus, this type of routine only takes a few minutes – the effects, however, can be felt all day long.

Winter Fuel

Once you have worked up a bit of an appetite, some fruit on an empty tummy will serve as a great energy source and an antioxidant. Apples and grapefruit are both great for cleansing the body, while bananas are great for energy.

Generally speaking, a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables, grains and pulses will serve you well through the winter months and beyond. Protein is also important, so in moderation, fish, eggs and white or red meat should also be factored into your weekly intake.

As far as beverages go, avoid drinking lots of caffeine and instead drink plenty of water – hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey is particularly good.

Winter Spa

While it is not always possible to regularly visit a spa, looking after your skin and hair is more important than ever during the winter. So, turn your home into your very own winter spa with some natural, cruelty free products and pamper yourself every night.

Using beauty products, such as night cream and moisturisers, regularly will all help to condition your body and keep your skin well hydrated, especially if you suffer from dry skin in the colder months. There are some really nice collections available that mean you have a choice of products to choose from on a daily basis and that encourage holistic care.

These four steps, along with some exercise that is a little more vigorous and that will get the heart pumping, add up to a well-balanced approach to help take care of your body in winter.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 


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