Could this be the comfiest mattress? – Leesa review and video

Let’s be honest, your bed is a place for many different things and getting one that you feel comfortable in makes a big difference. Our last mattress was a bit of a disaster, we bought a normal double instead of a European double (from the bargain corner) in Ikea, meaning we didn’t have the normal trial period. Not only was it the wrong size, leaving us missing out on precious inches with a co sleeping toddler, it was also too firm! We then ended up investing in a mattress topper and despite adding this I was still often waking up with achey hips and you know that awful moment when you wake up and you’ve kind of locked into position in your shoulders and you have to unwind yourself slowly because it’s so painful? Jut me? I can’t be the only person this happens too! Well I wrote about wanting to have a happy bedroom and getting a new mattress was on the list of improvements to make. The lovely people at Leesa offered us one of their luxury mattresses to review and so of course I said yes!

You can see how we got on with our mattress in this video.


Leesa are innovative mattresses, designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible. They have three layers of foam that work together to allow airflow to keep you cool and adjust to your body to give you the correct support and maximum comfort. Find out more about how the three layers work here.

Leesa mattresses are for all different kinds of sleepers, side, back and front, meaning that if you both sleep differently it could be an ideal solution. 

 “cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep”

Leesa makes mattress shopping easier and less time consuming. You just order the correct size for your bed. Once I had ordered (the correct size this time), the mattress arrived within a few days in a surprisingly small box. Inside, the mattress is vacuum packed and rolled up to fit in the most compact space. This makes it much easier to get into the room you need to and I even managed to do it on my own. 

Each Leesa mattress comes with a 100 night risk-free trial period, so you can properly test it out, by sleeping on it, instead of giving it a quick test in store.

I am really impressed with the ethics of the Leesa brand. They donate one mattress for every ten sold. They also plant a tree for every single mattress sold too. The focus on social impact and giving back to local communities is a real bonus for me.

Setting up the mattress was surprisingly easy. You just slide the mattress out of the box, position on the bed, unroll the plastic wrapping off and the Leesa mattress expands almost magically. It was fun to watch it go from a super thin and flat to a deep, bouncy mattress so quickly. I was able to do it completely on my own and it was much easier than moving the old mattress off the bed!

It sounds fab, but how did we get on?

We have been using the Leesa mattress for about a month now. I’m a side sleeper and often wake up achey, which I have noticed a real difference with. My hips don’t ache and I haven’t woken up stuck in position. The mattress feels really supportive however you are lying and it’s so comfortable I’m struggling to get out of bed even more in the mornings. I’m actually going to bed earlier too! 


I like the minimalist yet elegant design of the mattress. It feels really high quality with the super soft cover and then the ten inches of foam (three different kinds) feels soft yet firm. It’s hard to describe, but it’s almost like your bed is giving you a hug.  All the family love the mattress and the boys now want one for their beds too, as apparently theirs are REALLY uncomfortable in comparison. This is definitely the comfiest mattress we’ve ever owned!

Leesa are offering £100 off any mattress order for my readers with the code MUMMYANDMONKEYS

This post has been brought to you in a collaboration with Leesa. 




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