A Yurt, Toasted Marshmallows and Durdle Door – Little Loves

How is it the end of the Easter holidays already? Well for the boys, Ava has another week! We had an amazing few days in Dorset, somewhere I’ve not been before and it’s definitely somewhere we will go back to, preferably with less rain next time! I’m pretty proud that I managed a holiday on my own with the kids and it was actually fairly easy, with the only difficult bit being the packing up, the torrential rain the day we left didn’t help. 

Caalm Camp was lovely and the yurt was so cosy with the log burner, despite the rather rubbish weather. I’m sold on glamping over camping now, having a real bed and not being soggy but still feeling like you are more outside. 


I ordered a new Yoga book Thrive Through Yoga  on some recommendations from Instagram and it came the other day. I haven’t started the programme yet but I have been avidly reading all the information. If you are into yoga check it out!


The whole time I was in Dorset (4 nights) I didn’t watch anything, even when the kids went to bed I read, sat outside on my own with a G&T and did some guided meditation before falling easily asleep. Last Saturday James and I also had a screen free evening with a bottle of red and music. It’s something I want to do more of but I don’t always find it easy.

We have however started watching the newest season of Suits.


I’ve downloaded an app called Headspace and have been following the guided meditations most days the last 2 weeks. I tend to do it in bed before I go to sleep as it’s the only time when I won’t be interrupted. I’ve done a little bit after yoga classes, but it’s something I would like to be able to do at home. I opt for 10 minutes and fall easily to sleep after which is an improvement on my usual whirring thoughts as soon as my head hits the pillow!


A good dent on our bucket list for the year. At the end of last year I was surprised by how many we had left, but this year we are flying through it so far and have lots more exciting things planned.

Visiting a new place in the UK was on our list and we have never been to Dorset before. I wanted to see as much as we could whilst we were there and so we went to Wookey Hole Caves for the day which was a fab experience, Stourhead to use our National Trust cards and we all loved seeing Durdle Door, it’s such a beautiful beach. 


I’m getting so bored of my wardrobe at the moment. I have loads of nice spring/ summer clothes that it’s just not warm enough to wear yet, which is so frustrating!

This outfit;  


Instagram versus reality ➖swipe right! I sometimes take 30+ photos of the same thing just to get the right angle, light, focus or just to get one with my eyes open, tell me I’m not the only one?! So please don’t think what you see on here is my life all the time, I usually share the best bits on here because I like a nice looking grid but my stories are more real. Although first thing in the morning without a filter before a coffee probably still won’t happen😂 #fashionover30 #styleover30 #mamastyle #casualstyle #whatmamawore #whatiworetoday #littleloves #lifecloseup #myhappycapture #instagramvsreality

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Jeans: Next

Stripy Top: Primark

Leather Jacket: New Look

And Lastly ….

Some of the highlights from our trip were; collecting firewood, having a toasty war yurt with the log burner and learning how to keep it going all night with coal.

Toasting marshmallows on our fire pit outside and drinking hot chocolate.

Making use of our National Trust membership, feeding the goats, playing table tennis, mini golf and pool together.

Running to the toilet in our pyjamas, all having a cuddle in the big bed, looking for constellations and sitting outside in the peace and quiet with a g&t.

Fish and chips, seeing Durdle Door, jumping in lots of muddy puddles and going into caves.


5 responses to “A Yurt, Toasted Marshmallows and Durdle Door – Little Loves”

  1. Your trip sounds amazing.
    I’ve used the Headspace app. Another good one is the Calm app. I actually find it alot better than the Headspace one xx

  2. The Yurt sounds amazing, I’d much prefer to try glamping than camping… now if only I can convince the husband

  3. Oh your week sounds idyllic, your days away sound like a little retreat with the kids. So good to switch off and enjoy time together. I too have the headspace app its great for helping meditate and can be done anywhere i love it too. I’m definitely off to check out that yoga book it sounds right up my street. Thankyou for sharing xx

  4. I’ve never been glamping but I would love to try it. I think it would give me a new found love for camping (I used to go on holidays with my nan and grandad in their caravan as a kid!). Envious of your trip to Durdle Door – one we need to do very soon, it’s just beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  5. Oh what a stunning little holiday you’ve had! I really need to take a leaf out of your book and have some screen free evenings. I’m going to get that Headspace app too! x

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