Baby Jogger Buggy – Exercise for Mums

After discovering Mummy Workouts and being able to exercise in the home I have gained some confidence. There are many different reasons that I have found getting back into exercising hard. The main one being that I’m breastfeeding Ava and so can’t leave her for any stretch of time. I have been looking for ways that I can exercise outside now the weather is finally starting to improve and think I have found the ideal solution. There are some Buggyfit classes locally to me that fit in with pre school timings that I’m going to start going to. I’m hoping that by putting that down here, it will make me do it. The website says that you don’t need a special buggy to do the classes. However I’m hoping to also, when I get a bit fitter, be able to go for the occasional jog around the lake at the local country park. If I have a buggy that is suitable for doing this then that would be even better as I could take Ava with me. No worries about feeding or childcare.

I’ve been looking for a new buggy as when I got the seat unit down from the loft for the one that we currently have it has a broken part. Now that I’m looking for one that I can also use when exercising, the Baby Jogger buggy would be ideal.

Looking through the buggies that they make, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stood out. I really like the 3 wheel design and it comes in a beautiful Crimson colour which I love.


The other plus points of the Baby Jogger buggy for me are;

Now I just need to convince James that we need a new buggy!


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  1. Natalie Ray says:

    As you know, I haven’t used the buggy at all with Lia but I used to occasionally put Libby in the buggy when she was about 12 months old and take her for a short run. She used to find it hilarious, one big game and a great way to get some fitness done when there is nobody to babysit.xx

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