Baby Jogger City Tour Review

When Ava came along we already had two travel systems between us, both having kept our previous ones. It seemed silly to buy a new one when we had two perfectly good ones sitting in the garage. It didn’t however stop me from lusting over pretty girly colours and patterns. We soon discovered a problem, the travel systems were too big when we were all going somewhere with luggage too, there just wasn’t any room for them in the minuscule boot we are left with when all the seats are up. We solved this problem when Ava was little with just taking a sling as she was small and light enough for us to carry. Now however at 2 it’s nice to have something to be able to put her down in when she’s tired and it’s also nice to have somewhere to put all the stuff you seem to need to take with you for days out. We needed something lightweight for travelling, compact and robust to handle the different terrains we end up on exploring with them all but we didn’t want to compromise on Ava’s comfort.

I was recently offered the chance to review the Baby Jogger City Tour and I jumped at the chance having heard great things about the brand. So did it live up to my expectations and does it meet our needs? Here’s how we got on…. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour review

First Impressions 

The box it arrived in was lightweight and small, a good sign. I didn’t know what colour we were going to get and was secretly hoping for the more girly violet, so when I opened the box to the Juniper colour I was initially a little disappointed. However, having now used it I’m a big fan of this bright unisex colour and I wouldn’t change it. 

What we liked about the Baby Jogger City Tour

I managed to put the stroller together on my own just popping the 4 wheels in. I straight away tested out how easy it was to push around (in the lounge) then figured out how to put it up and down. It’s so quick and I’ve now got it down to a one handed skill. The instructions are written on the unit which is great for when other family members use it. My parents were also pleased with how easy it was when I showed them how to do it for the days they look after Ava. 

1 – Squeeze the grey fold button on the handle bar and fold the frame forward.


2 – Press the red release button under the seat.


3 – Pull the ‘Pull to Fold’ strap in the centre of the seat.


The Baby Jogger City Tour folded

Even better it really does fold up compact, I can fit it in our boot (Zafira) with the seats up which is a huge bonus for us and makes life a lot easier. Please excuse the moody boot!

The Baby Jogger City Tour in a small boot space

The buggy comes with a travel bag which is a rucksack, much easier than swinging a heavy bag around over one shoulder. It’s designed to fit into over head lockers and we will be testing this out in June when we go to Spain. You don’t need to take the wheels off when using the bag which for anyone that has used other travel strollers before will know how annoying that can be.

I’m slim and carrying the backpack is easy enough as at only 14lb it weighs less than my handbag some days! With the adjustable straps James could also wear it so it wont always be down to one person to carry. There is a rubber carry strap so you have the option to carry one handed if you didn’t want to put it on your back or in a quick grab and go situation.

The bag could also be used to protect your boot from muddy wheels, maybe I should use it for that!

The Baby Jogger City Tour in it's backpack for travel

One feature that I really love about the Baby Jogger City Tour is the large hood/canopy. You can change how much of the canopy you pull out which is great to keep them shaded, protected from the wind, or the sun out of their eyes. There is a peep hole in the top which is handy for when you want to see if they have gone to sleep without looking around the front and catching their eye and also to be able to quickly check on them. The hood is SPF50+ which will help in the summer months when I worry about her sitting and catching the sun. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour sun canopy spf50+


I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the basket. Having had a compact stroller before the basket was also compact and pretty much useless and I didn’t realise how much I liked being able to use one until I couldn’t. I can happily fit a bag or bag and coats, water bottles and other random stuff like sticks and unusual stones that you seem to accumulate on a trip out. 


We haven’t been able to test it out on a really bumpy terrain yet as first I was ill and then Ava but it’s coped well with everything so far. James also mentioned how maneuverable even with one hand it is, thanks to the swivel wheels at the front. There is also a locking mechanism to fix them in the forward position for bumpy terrains. The brake is easy to use and feels secure when you apply it which is a must when you have helpful(ish) boys who want to push their sister at the wrong moments.

Ava at 2 is in the middle of the age range for the stroller (6 months – 3 years). She seems to be comfortable in it and has plenty of growing room even when strapped in with her padded winter coat on. The seat back is high so will last for taller children and the harness can be adjusted accordingly. The seat reclines enough for a nap and can be secured up and down with a clip at the back using two hands. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour harness


Anything we would change?

the handle is nice to use and I prefer it to foam, however it isn’t adjustable. I find it a great height for me (5ft 6 but I’m not sure how easy it would be for someone over 6ft to use. 

You can’t make it parent facing which was really important to me when Ava was little. Now she is older for various reasons it doesn’t bother me so much and it’s nice for her to be able to face the World. 

Final thoughts, would I recommend the Baby Jogger City Tour? 

Yes I would, the Baby Jogger City Tour is a great lightweight, compact stroller perfect for days out and travel. It’s large enough for toddlers, quick and easy to put up, down and easy to push. It fits in a small boot space and has it’s own travel bag at no extra cost. The large sun canopy provides extra reassurance when out and about in the sunshine and the recline is nap friendly.

If you are looking for a lightweight travel stroller that doesn’t compromise or an everyday stroller that’s easy to use and comfortable for your child I think you might have found it. I know I have!

The Baby Jogger City Tour review


Find out more about the Baby Jogger City Tour  including YouTube clips and your nearest stockist.

The Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller retails at £249 and is available in three colours.

Baby Jogger City Tour Travel Stroller review

Disclosure:  We were kindly sent the Baby Jogger City Tour for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

8 responses to “Baby Jogger City Tour Review”

  1. I can’t believe how small that folded up. I only ever had a single for about a year before my second one came along and I didn’t drive at the time so I needed one with a big basket for all of the shopping but I wish I had been able to have something small like this for nipping on the bus or travelling.

  2. I love the colour too! I’ve heard good things about the brand and people that have them would never have anything else. I love how easy it is to fold up and compact it is in your boot. I really need to get something more practical for Holly and will take a look at one of these in the shop. x

  3. I’m a huge fan of Baby jogger and I’d love one of these! We’ve got the City Mini and I absolutely love it. I’ve also just reviewed the City Premier and I’m ow totally in love with that too.

    This is a fab review x

  4. Donna says:

    That fold is amazing! That in itself would sell the pushchair to me but it looks great – and Ava looks so comfy! x

  5. We love our Baby Jogger. It has so many features that make it perfect for travel. Have a great time putting it to the test during your holiday in Spain!

  6. Wow that folds up so small! Looks great, wish I’d known about this when my boy was tiny…however now I do if there’s ever a second 😉

  7. How genius is this, I would have loved a foldable one like this when the boys were small. I’m also impressed it fits so well in a Zafira boot, having had one myself before I know how teeny they are!

    Stevie x

  8. Kirsty says:

    This looks like an amazing buggy – I love how compact it is, and that little carry bag makes it so much better, protect my poor car! I’ll definitively look into one of these in a few months time when Harrison is up a little more!

    Great review, Eilidh
    Kirsty x

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