Kinetik non contact thermometer review

We’ve all been there, a sleeping, poorly baby whose temperature you need to check. Trying to do it without waking them can be a stealth mission. I’ve used the in ear ones before and have never had a non waking success so I was interested to try out the Kinetik non contact thermometer. My middle child had a febrile convulsion when he was little and his temperature shot up really quickly to over 41c so a decent thermometer is really important to me. 

Kinetic Non contact thermometer review


First impressions were good, I liked the compact design and the instructions were simple to understand. The display is easily read and I liked that it also doubles up as a room thermometer. 

A little bit about the thermometer…

“The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer uses infra-red technology to take an accurate temperature within one second. This allows you to take the temperature of the whole family hygienically and discreetly and removes the need to disturb those who are sleeping. It has three modes which allow you to measure body, room and surface temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.”

The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer

Kinetic non contact thermometer review

We have been using the thermometer for a few weeks now to check body temperatures and the room temperature. I’ve even taken it out with us when one of them was under the weather to keep and eye on their temperature and it’s easy to transport with its compact size and also the lid keeping it clean in a bag. I would definitely recommend the Kinetik non contact forehead thermometer and priced at £19.99 I think it’s also pretty good value.

Kinetic non contact thermometer review

Disclosure: I was sent the Kinetik non contact thermometer for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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