My Baby’s Name Is Baby Sleeping Bag Review

Having a warm snuggly baby is a sure way of helping them to sleep. We are currently living in a big, old, cold house so when I was asked if I would like to review My Baby’s Name Is baby sleeping bags it was perfect timing. 

The sleeping bags come in various colours, sizes and togs. I opted for the Yasmin Yellow in 6-18 months and the 2.5 tog. You can also get a 1 tog bag and they come in the colours Rebecca Red, Benjamin Blue, George Green and Gabriel Grey. 

My Baby's name is review

When the sleeping bag arrived I was really impressed. It feels soft, natural, comfy and is something I would quite like to be zipped up and put to bed in when I am tired.

The ultimate test was on Ava. We had tried her in sleeping bags before and she was never keen. However since she has been using this sleeping bag she has been sleeping a lot better and for longer stretches. It could just be coincidence but I think she feels warm and secure in it which definitely helps. We have stayed with family and taken the sleeping bag with us and she has continued to sleep well even in a different cot. I think the bag helps to bring familiarity in a different situation. It has also become part of our bedtime routine, bath, babygrow, sleeping bag, bedtime feed and then bed.

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I love the fact that the bags are all bright plain colours with a name tag in, a cute touch. Not only are they comfy, fashionable, sleep inducing but they are also 100% cotton and made with high quality, organic and ethically sourced material. 

The company is run by Szymon who is very passionate about creating a quality brand that was initially designed for his daughter. I think they have done a great job and as you can see so does Ava.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a sleeping bag to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.





18 responses to “My Baby’s Name Is Baby Sleeping Bag Review”

  1. I love sleeping bags. Love the colours of these ones. #PicknMix

  2. Robyn says:

    Cute! My baby sleeps in a merino sleeping bag and it’s great now that he’s old enough to kick his blankets off, I don’t worry so much about him getting cold in the night time. I haven’t heard of My Name Is Baby in New Zealand but that colour is gorgeous, I may need to check out if there are any suppliers here! #picknmix

    • Robyn says:

      Whoops, helps if I get the supplier’s name correct 😉 Meant to say My Baby’s Name Is Baby!

  3. Helen says:

    What a brilliant sleeping bag! Isabella always sleeps in one, though her current one is getting too small for her so we’re looking for a new one. Will certainly check My Baby’s Name Is out 🙂 #PicknMix

    Helen x

  4. Crummy Mummy says:

    I love these as they’re so much better than blankets – they can’t kick them off and I know they’re not going to wiggle down under the blanket while sleeping either. #picknmix

  5. SARAH says:

    We’d love sleeping bags for Finley when he was younger, he had several and always went to sleep in one during the colder months. I think they’re great – love the yellow! #PicknMix

  6. This sleeping bag looks lovely! It’s great to get 100% cotton. Ava definitely approves. I used to do the same routine with the last feed in the sleeping bag, I think it’s lovely & cosy for them that way. Thanks so much for hosting #picknmix x

  7. My daughter sleeps in a sleeping bag too. They really are the easiest way to keep your baby warm and safe at night in my opinion. Thanks for the review #picknmix

  8. A adore baby sleeping bags & I only wish they’d been on the market when my own children were tiny. #picknmix 🙂

  9. She is so cute and that is a lovely yellow colour. I think sleep bags are fab and wouldn’t be without them #picknmix

  10. Chloe says:

    We use sleeping bags too and have done since Evie was a couple of months old. They’re brilliant aren’t they. You feel like they’re so safe and secure. I love the colours on these, they’re so bold and pretty. x

  11. I love sleeping bags – so snuggly and they feel safer than using blankets when they are little. I like that these are cotton and love the bright colours. #PicknMix

  12. Rachel says:

    Aw I miss Sam beiing in sleeping bags, they are so cosy!! This one looks lovely #picknmix xx

  13. Jenny Eaves says:

    We love baby sleeping bags, they are so cosy and great for making sure that they are warm but safe. Ava looks delighted with hers! #picnmix

  14. ERFmama says:

    I love the colour! Looks like a really nice sleeping bag. I had a couple that I bought on IKEA for my youngest, but never really used these things. hehe
    I do get them though, especially now that it’s getting colder because we always sleep with the window ajar and with the kids in the same room (we bedshare) I think these things would be nice. 🙂
    I doubt my youngest would wear it now though hehe he’s 3.

  15. Love the colour. My 2 year old is still in a sleeping bag as he sleeps so well! #picknmix xx

  16. She looks so cute and happy in that sleeping bag. Both of my E&E did not take sleeping bag well so much. They are such wrigglers, they are! lol! 🙂 Great review! #PicknMix

  17. Baby sleeping bags always look so cute! I used one with my youngest and it was brilliant, love the colour of this one

    Stevie xx

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