Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room Review

Imaginative play is so important for children, although it can get repetitive for us adults to join in. So I’m always on the look out for toys that encourage role play, that will keep an inquisitive 3, almost 4 year old, interested. I hadn’t heard of Our Generation Academy, but wow I’m impressed. We were sent the Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room to have a play with and it’s something that Ava and I enjoy, the attention to detail is something else. 

Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room

The Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room is a fantastic classroom playset for the Our Generation (and other 18 inch dolls), and comes with a teachers desk and chair, two desks for her students, and a HUGE 92 fun school items and accessories including a clipboard, calculator, stationery, notepads, books, teachers mug and even a potted plant to bring the classroom to life.

With a real working clock, a ringing bell and fire alarm, a light up whiteboard and chalkboard with real chalk, there are also plenty of interactive elements to keep little ones entertained for hours as they bring their stories to life.

The Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room retails at £149.99 and is available from Smyths Toy Superstores.

What did we think?

Even from the box, I could see there were so many little accessories, with great attention to detail. It is very realistic, with even the little pens having removable lids. I had great fun setting up the teachers desk for Ava and storing all the little notebooks neatly away in the drawers. 

The set comes unassembled but the walls easily click into place. However you do need to do this carefully to ensure that the circuit elements that power the bell and lights are properly aligned. Make sure it is set to Play mode, not ‘Try me’ mode and you are good to go. 

With the huge amount of accessories, the Awesome academy School Room does take a while to unpack from the box. Is if you are giving this as a gift at Christmas or for a Birthday you may want to consider unpacking it and setting it up first. 

It is worth pointing our here that despite having a huge number of accessories, the Awesome Academy School Room does not come with a doll included and all the dolls and clothes are available to purchase separately. There are also school related uniform and bag accessories which are also available to purchase separately.

Ava has played with the set with some other dolls and toys that she has, however it now means she has something to put on a wish list for Christmas. 

Ava loves role playing schools at the moment so I knew she would love this set. She’s still currently at Pre-School but role plays different situations like story time and singing. The working chalkboard and whiteboards are a lovely addition and Ava has had great fun using these. 

As well as the role play there are other elements which can help encourage learning, including the alphabet banner around the top of the walls, the number line, and the real working clock. 

There are lots of interactive elements with the set, including a bell which rings when pressed, a fire alarm buzzer, working lights above the blackboard and whiteboard and the clock makes a real ticking noise.

The attention to detail on this set is amazing, with even the windows having working blinds that you can pul down at the end of the school day.

At almost 4 I would say Ava is still a little young to make the most out of this set. So although it’s for ages 3+ I would say 4/5, although it is something she will grow with and we have great fun playing with it together.

As you can add to the Awesome Academy School Room with different dolls and accessories it makes it a great set to have. 


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