Trolley Bags Review and Giveaway

There are some things in life that I now get really excited by that I never, ever would have thought that I would. Things like a coffee in peace or a night in watching a film and I can now add Trolley Bags to this last. Since the bag tax has come into effect here in England I keep trying to remember my reusable bags and always forget, then moan and grumble at paying out for them again. I’ve also recently started shopping at Aldi to try and cut down our outgoings. A few times I have arrived at the checkout slightly smug that the shop has gone so well with a very unpredictable toddler, to be greeted by the manic food slinging through the conveyor belt that happens when you get to the till. Even if you arrive at that point calm, there is no way you finish in the same state. I then have to pull everything out of the trolley again and pack it into my annoyingly newly purchased bags.

I no longer have to do this and it is all thanks to the totally genius invention that is Trolley Bags. They are a system of 4 different sized bags that fit in to your trolley. You can get them in 2 different sizes, original for deeper trolleys or express for shallow trolleys. I opted for the original in pastel. You can also get them in bright vibe colours.

Trolley bags review and giveaway

Whilst shopping in both Aldi and Tesco I straight away set the Trolley Bags in to my trolley opening them up. I placed my food items and other items in to the different bags as I went around the shop, keeping similar items together. When at the till I emptied a bag at a time on to the conveyor belt meaning that even in Aldi they came through in some order that I could quickly place them back into the correct bags. I then easily separated the bags and placed them in my car. One tip I will give is not to place too many heavy items into the largest bag unless you are bigger and stronger than me as I struggled to lift it out of the trolley the first time I used them. The next time I used the bags I distributed the heavier items between the two larger bags and it was much easier. If you look on the Packing Sorted website, they recommend different ways of using the bags depending on how you shop. This is just the way that I find works for me.

When using the bags I have had lots of people stop me and ask me where they are from and commenting on what a good idea they are. I like them so much that I don’t forget to take them with me and so I’m being more environmentally friendly as I don’t keep having to get new reusable bags at the checkout. Trolley Bags also save me time and stress so they are definitely a product that I would recommend.

Trolley bags review and giveaway

I have teamed up with Packing Sorted to offer a set of Trolley bags RRP £17.99 in your choice of either bright vibe or pastel colour and original or express size. You can enter via the Gleam form below. Good luck!

A set of Trolley Bags in your choice of colour and size

90 responses to “Trolley Bags Review and Giveaway”

  1. Margaret Clarkson says:


  2. Tracy Nixon says:


  3. Tracey Peach says:

    Waitrose 🙂

  4. charlotte qualter says:

    i shop at Asda but my fav is waitrose xx

  5. Leila Benhamida says:

    I love Sainsbury ‘s

  6. Chris Andrews says:

    Which is your favourite supermarket? . . . . . WAITROSE

  7. clair downham says:

    sainsburys thankyou

  8. Isabel O says:

    I like Sainsbury’s, they do a lot more vegetarian things than the other shops.

  9. lydia says:

    morrisons at the moment – but I go to the place I am nearest usually, so can be aldi or lidl..

  10. Michelle O'Neill says:


  11. Kim M says:

    Like Lidl x

  12. Jan H says:


  13. Amandeep Sibia says:

    Has to be Waitrose!

  14. laura banks says:

    we usually go to asda

  15. Suzanne Drummond says:

    sainsburys just because its near

  16. Kelly L says:

    Marks and spencer or Tescos!

  17. Sharon Freemantle says:


  18. Kelly L says:

    Marks and spencers and Tescos!

  19. Nicola Dow says:

    Aldi. I work there too.

  20. pete c says:

    the COOP is my favourite

  21. Sobia says:


  22. Tony Metcalf says:


  23. Alison says:


  24. Jane Berrow says:


  25. Ruth Harwood says:

    Aldi – bargains and good products xx

  26. Tracy Hanley says:


  27. Karen Howden says:

    Has to be Aldi not only for the food but for the other items as well

  28. I am afraid i’m a bit biased in saying Tesco as I work for them. But I do shop at Aldi as well! xx

  29. I have seen these bags all over the internet lately and wondered if they were any good, so I was pleased to see your post this week. They look fab and a time saver, which I love. x #picnmix

  30. Helen says:

    We usually shop at Aldi/Lidl for the main bulk shop and then Tesco for the bits and bobs we can’t get in Aldi/Lidl!

    Helen x

  31. Budgetfoodmummy says:

    These. Are. Amazing!!! My trolley is normally full up with reusable bags because I’m so afraid I’m not going to have enough!
    I normally shop around and go where things are cheapest but I mainly go to Asda.

  32. Kirsty says:

    Tesco #picknmix

  33. These are such a fab idea! I do all my shopping at Aldi so it would be great to avoid having to get everything back out of the trolley to pack after paying. x #picknmix

  34. wendy says:


    Amazing idea! The first time I went to aldi I couldn’t believe how quickly everything went through the checkout. .I had no idea what was going on!These look amazing x #picknmix

  35. jackie curran says:


  36. There's always time for tea says:


  37. Lauren (@laurenbigeejit) says:


  38. Alica says:

    Asda 🙂

  39. Life Loving says:

    I keep seeing these around and I too get a little excited by them. They look like such a good idea and a time saver. We often do home delivery, but when we don’t, we do self scan, so these would be perfect.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  40. debbie smith says:

    mine is tesco these look fab xx

  41. Michelle Hughes says:

    i work at heron foods so I tend to get the bargains from their and do a top up shop at aldi. With 2 children and a hubby to fed saving money is awesome! x

  42. Tracey Abrahams says:

    I always shop in Aldi or Lidl so am use to bringing along my own bags, but i have recently seen several people use these trolley bags and I now need them in my life too. #picknmix

  43. Mum in Brum says:

    Wow this is such a great idea! I too have started to shop at Aldi and always have a bit of a panic at the till when they start throwing food at me. I have all good intentions with my keeper bags, but end up throwing everything anywhere in the end. Love the idea of packing up similar foods as you shop too. #picknmix

  44. Evelyn Moffat says:

    Sainsburys xx

  45. Paul Ballantine says:

    I love morrisons

  46. Christine Bray says:

    I’ve seen someone with these and had trolley envy! I shop at Aldi but like everyone else hate the panic pack at the tills …..

  47. These look great! I too get excited over things like this! #picknmix xx

  48. My favourite is Tesco

  49. Amanda Tanner says:

    Don’t really have one I just go where ever is nearest for what I need

  50. Paz says:


  51. Melanie Slater says:

    To be honest I don’t have a favourite, I like to compare them all and go where the value for money is at that time.

  52. These look so handy especially for Aldi – that checkout really is crazy isn’t it?!

    Stevie xx

  53. Jenny Eaves says:

    This is a great idea! I love that they are different colour too so you can organise your shopping into the or recut bags. #picnmix

  54. Morrisons for my weekly shop these would make it so much easier love how they just sit in the trolley -great idea and I’d love to try them

  55. sarah evans says:

    i work for Asda so i tend to do most of my shopping there

  56. Lynn Brown says:

    I use them all! Probably Tesco the most. This is a fab idea.

  57. Samantha loughlin says:


  58. Ruby Spiteri says:


  59. Katy Komping says:


  60. Jayne T says:

    Aldi because it’s nice and cheap, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  61. Emma Walton says:

    My favourite supermarket is Aldi. I can’t get everything I need there but they offer good quality goods and the prices are very reasonable.

  62. Vicky Online says:

    M&S and Aldi. Have to say, I’m not really understanding the Waitrose love.

  63. Martina Evans says:


  64. Kerry W says:


  65. Johanne currie says:


  66. Janet Robertson says:


  67. Susan B says:

    Waitrose is my favourite supermarket for range but Aldi is my favourite for price.

  68. jo shrew says:

    waitrose of course

  69. kimberley ryan says:

    Aldi, great products and the prices are amazing

  70. Adrian Bold says:

    Aldi – Just so much cheaper than the others.

  71. claire woods says:


  72. Jean Vaughan says:


  73. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Normally at Asda.

  74. Shannon says:


  75. Mary Baldwin says:

    Asda, I find the prices reasonable, the produce fresh and staff friendly.

  76. Katie Walker says:

    We switch supermarkets regularly to see what each one has so I have no real brand loyalty, currently shopping at tesco

  77. kim neville says:

    I go to Tesco the most as nearest

  78. Victoria Prince says:

    I don’t have one favourite – my favourite is where ever the best offers on the things I want to buy are! Though the two I use the most are Tesco and ASDA.

  79. jill dean says:

    Aldi offers excellent quality at great prices so I regularly shop there.

  80. Nancy Bradford says:

    I love our local Audi but they don’t have everything I need so I supplement with Waitrose.

  81. Mike Gerrie says:

    Well it is Tesco’s at the minute but it changes monthly

  82. I haven’t really got a favourite. Mostly shop at Asda but I just follow the bargains and shop at them all. 🙂

  83. Natalie Crossan says:


  84. I love Waitrose

  85. Jodie W says:


  86. Leanne Bell says:

    Aldi – my money seems to go so much further x

  87. Donna Gilligan says:

    Sainsbury’s given the choice.

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