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I have two boys so my life pretty much revolves around anything gross. (Hopefully this will change as baby girl gets older). So whenever it is a girls Birthday I have no idea what they are all in to or what would be suitable for their age. Boys yes, girls no! I usually try and search online and then end up having to ask the Mums what their daughters would like. This isn’t always that easy when you have a random invite come home in their book bag and you aren’t sure who the Mum is to ask. Sometimes you need a bit of help and Wicked Uncle is just the place for it. 

On their webpage you can select who the present is for, boy, girl or gender neutral. Then there are age brackets broken down into yearly from baby -12, then teen and all ages. It’s my biggest boys Birthday in a few days and he is notoriously hard to buy for. I was able to go on to Wicked Uncle choose boy and age 8 and it came up with a huge list of toys that would be suitable for him. You can further change your search by selecting one of their categories;

I looked for each of my children a baby girl, 4 year old boy and an 8 year old boy and loved all the suggestions. You can show results by popularity and by price so I had a look with both options and came up with some ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. 

I decided to get them all something from their recommendations and see how right they had got it.

Wicked Uncle Toy shop review

I chose the Magnetic wooden blocks for baby girl

Penguin popper for the 4 year old

Top secret intruder alarm for the almost 8 year old

Multi Puzzle Challenge for the big kid James! 

The magnetic wooden blocks are a firm favourite of baby girls and she plays with them regularly. The penguin popper got taken to bed and is still played with weeks later. We had great fun building and fitting the top secret intruder alarm which is currentlty being used to keep his little brother out. The Multi Puzzle Challenge annoyed me as I couldn’t do it and pleased James as he could. All the products were good quality and pitched perfectly for the different ages.

If you are buying as a present they have a good selection of gift wrap, and will hand write the cards with a personalised message. They even include a pre-written thank you postcard for the child to send to you! If you order a birthday present from them, they will automatically remind you of the birthday again next year. I’m definitely going to use it for buying for my nieces and nephew and have already set up the reminders.


Disclaimer: Thanks Wicked Uncle for giving us a £40 gift voucher to choose some toys with. 




16 responses to “Wicked Uncle Toy shop Review – Present Finder”

  1. That’s a really nice idea, I sometimes find getting presents for my younger daughter harder too. Or even presents for friends of my son. They look like lovely items 🙂

  2. Love the look of these, brilliant to have some quirky/different ideas for a change #picknmix

  3. Love the look of these, I am going to struggle with presents this year as my two are at awkward ages so I’ll be taking a look at this!


    Gemma xxx

  4. Oh my goodness, this is such a good idea! I’ve been really struggling to know what to buy for my little one (he will be almost 10 months at Christmas) so something like this is invaluable to me! I’m going to have a nose around and see what suggestions come up & I’ll probably end up buying one or two bits.

  5. These are some very cool toys! I love that they have a selector where you can enter the child’s age & gender, that is so helpful when you are buying for other children. I always struggle to find toys for girls over 2yrs old lol Great review hun. Thanks so much for hosting #PicknMix x

  6. Silly Mummy says:

    I like sites that let you narrow your search by lots of specific criteria – it makes it much less overwhelming. The magnetic blocks look fun. #PicknMix

  7. Nicola says:

    Fab idea!! I always end up asking the mums for present ideas too! Is there a charge for the service?? Will pin your post for future reference! #picknmix Fridays

  8. What a great idea, it can be really difficult sometimes, Ii always struggle for older kids! Will be looking at this next time. Thank you #PickNMix x

  9. Becster says:

    Will have to have a look at this site when there’s birthdays coming up – I never know what to get anyone! #PickNMix

  10. I know what you mean. I find it hard to buy for nieces because I am so tuned into my sons. i like the look of the puzzle challenge. We love puzzles here! Kirsten

  11. Philippa says:

    Ohh that intruder alarm looks great for my 9 year old! He hates his sisters going in his room, thanks for the idea!

  12. I have the same problem! I went to a girl’s 2nd birthday party and I had no idea what to give her. I ended up giving her a giant domino set. Since that day, I feel so guilty of having given it to her. I think next time I will choose something a bit more girlie – if I have been invited again – which I don’t think her parents will ask me to come again. haha Thanks for the info of the Wicked Uncle. Looks great! 🙂 #PicknMix

  13. This website sounds great and with some lovely gifts! #picknmix xx

  14. Jenny Eaves says:

    That looks great, nice that it makes it easier to choose. Love the magnetic blocks, a great idea! 🙂 x #picnmix

  15. This website is amazing. I found them one day searching for ideas to buy presents for my nephew. Since then I always go there and check what can I get. It is very useful! Thanks for this review and for hosting #PicknMix 😉 x

  16. We love wicked uncle 🙂 the boys did a youtube review of their toys and it was so cute. Love the penguin!!

    Stevie x

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